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I was reading the guidelines for submitting to Alamy, but perhaps I'm just "duh" - a couple of things confuse me, so if I may ask for clarification from contributors please?

1)  Let's say I'm submitting using images from a Canon 40D (10MP).  It's my understanding that it's now ok to submit in JPG format online and you do not have to convert to TIFF, correct?

2)  It's saying the image file has to be 48mb in size?  So, I should upsize the 40D image until it reaches that size?   If I'm using CS4, what pixel dimensions should then give me around that file size?    Gee, even with a speedy DSL connection, a 48mg upload might take a while!  I guess I'm reading this right.  I can't just upload the 10MP 40D image as-is in it's native size then, huh?

Thanks ahead for clarification.

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