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iStockPhoto.com / Image Of The Week - not Exclusive!
« on: December 25, 2006, 15:43 »
Wow! I've just noticed that Image Of the Week wasn't made by Exclusive! It's regular bronze member with less then one hundred of very beauty pro photos.  Is this Christmas mood - what do you think? ;)

123RF / What's wrong with 123rf?
« on: October 09, 2006, 07:51 »
It's really strange stock for me. I submit to the whole "Big 5" and the rule is (more or less) that when I add photos sell increases. I can even foresee how much it will be. Growth is almost constants to the number of photos. It's work for all of the "Big 5" stocks except 123rf. I'm adding the same photos there but sell remains in the same level (almost). Do you have the same?

Oh, and one more thing. What is their pay period? I can't find answer on their site.

iStockPhoto.com / Istockphoto in now cost uneffective for me
« on: September 21, 2006, 13:38 »
I have uploaded several dozen photos and made some measures during that.
The result is:
Average upload speed (via WWW) is 15,14 kB/s. (My internet link has 0,5 MB uploading speed).
Upload of 4 MB (not much) jpg takes 4 minutes 24 sec. This time is too short to go anywere and do something else so I'm sitting and watching screen.
When jpg is uploaded I check 4 checkbox + accept + wait to see another screen (+4 sec)
Choosing categories and adding MR takes 47 sec. I have to do it at every new photo because there is no possibility to copy this form last photo. I choose only 4-5 categories.
Then keywords - my favorite! I use EXIF so all names and keywords are in the right places but adding them (I have to carefully examine whole the list) takes me whole 1 minute 43 sec.
I'm clicking "Proceed" and it begins uploading MR (+19 sec) and new page.
That's all. One photo less. I'm in the place I have started.
Whole operation takes me... 6 minutes and 50 seconds - for one photo!

25 photos x 7 minutes (I'm not machine + 10 sec/photo) = 175 minutes. Almost 3 hours during I cannot do anything else!

New system cause that contribution with Istockphoto is unprofitable for me. I've about 500 photos there which earns about 250 USD/month. I's quite a lot but uploading new has no sense any more. It's too much pain even if they accept 85-90% of them. If they would give us chance to use FTP it would make big difference but without it's too hard for me.
What's your experience with new system?

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