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Dreamstime.com / review time and rejections
« on: July 20, 2010, 09:59 »
seems like it's not a good time to upload on DT. i have pictures in the queue for 19 days now. plus am i getting rejections i never had before. maybe i stop uploading there for a while. it looks like the reviewers who didn't get their summer vacations are in a lazy and very, very bad mood...  >:(

edit: sample pic taken off - no itension to pimp pics here... :-X

Veer / 2 weird rejections of the 1st 10
« on: July 06, 2010, 03:09 »
i am uploading on SS, IS, DT, FT, 123, BigStock, CanStockPhoto, DP and SSP so far and i got approx. 800 pics in my port. so, finally tried to start on veer, too and got the 2 pics below rejected.

as most among us i don't like rejections, especially (1 .) if they come from a low earner, (2.) if the pictures got accepted by ALL the other agencies and (3.) if the rejection reasons should make me laugh if it wasn't that sad :'(

rejection reason of this one: "We feel the model's expression is too forced - we are looking for more natural expressions."

and this one: "We feel the image lacks strong composition."

the 2nd one might be because the picture is framed too tight. but whatever: i can't accept the first one at all. i decided to dump veer. i also immediately stopped with crestock 1 year ago after crazy rejections. guess that veer would be a waste of time anyway. but then at least they shouldn't get on ones nerves then :-\

iStockPhoto.com / after server problems more picky?
« on: April 16, 2010, 05:32 »
i didn't have keyword rejections at IS for a long, long time. but after their server was down i got two within two days.

first one  - keywords do not appear to be fully relevant were: heart shape, chinese ethnicity

second one  - keywords do not appear to be fully relevant were: isolated (cut out), smiling, success

hmmmm  ???  ???  ???
anyone else facing similar experiences after server went down?


i just got a rejection i never had before. it says:

"You will need a new, updated model release with signature dates matching the approximate date of this photograph. iStockphoto no longer accepts \"catch all\" model releases and now requires a unique release for each unique photo session.  Standards regarding model releases have recently been updated.  The changes aren\'t really new but have been slightly clarified for legal reasons."

it's getting really complicated now! what happens if i took a picture last year with a proper signed model release but i want to upload it today. how do the reviewers know if the release and the shoot date are the same or not? i have pictures i took month ago (with model release) but i would like to upload them now or even later. it would be quite a hard work to contact every single model and ask them to sign another release for the shots the signed already (and then maybe 3 month later again because i still have more pics of them)....

how will you guys handle this in future?

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