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How funny, after selling half as normal, now DT wants some unknown Software to upload any new images....
My Firefox ist up to date, my Safari is uptodate, my Apple system is uptodate  BUT DT is far away in the future.... they recomend somting what is unknown in my simple updated world of software.

General Stock Discussion / Thinkstock fraud
« on: April 16, 2012, 19:00 »
Third month in a row, thinkstock offers me the same quantity of pictures sold and the same earnings.
We all know that this is impossible.
Anyone else who detect the same?

General Stock Discussion / The wave is breaking
« on: February 27, 2012, 16:50 »
It looks to mee, just subjective, that the wave is breaking. Any big agency what is at the market had downsized the midiocrazy Constributors in the last two years ... what allmost means Freelance- Grafikers, Designers, Fotographers and high talented Hobbyists...(what, as i think, are the exceptions).
Most of us who are "inside" of the advertising business know, that this is a personal business with a high grade of networking. Somebody had this
mentioied some month befor.
I do Pictures and i bought pictures, i also recommend Pictureagencys in personal contact, with big clients without getting any earnings from that.
It is kind of service in my kind of business. I also often be recommended for a tip about a good pictureagency. I can't send them to a link waht gives me a profit from my recommendation. This is Service, not business! If i would earn for recommendation i would lost my reputation!!! This is what most agencys don't understand.
But the numbers show it up!
Any agency what abused constributors lost a lot of traffic,  lost earnings or stayed at the level they're choosed for constributor abuse. Gaining more from constributors work for a short time, not by more marketing or better prices for custumers. Because best marketing was, is, will be, refferal!!!
Prices? Do anyone think the Price is relevant for a picture you have to search for a half Hour or one or more? For a project what should spend your client a gain of 2-20% of its exchange? Are clients of Pictureagencys earn less than 0.30 $ at the hour? Or do they can't aritmetic? Any price what is lower than 50$ never interested any of my clients.
All of this thought were allready written down.

But current, they all have it through. IST, FT, DT and 123. In my case, they all lost and loose permanent. I also.
SS did not and SS is permanent  going from one bme to the next for me.
But i don't think that this is a reason for beeing blissfull. We all could earn more ... even SS.

And, at the end...i see a light at the horizon... when all big agencys have come to their position by support of constributors...and all what abuse them fall. How many times will it take until someone catches the coherence?
123 will tell them by falling faster than a stone. No agency was faster to kill the rising by abuse constributors.

Adobe Stock / Price set back to 1 Credit
« on: November 03, 2011, 20:36 »
Meanwhile I found 3 Images in my bestselling 100 set back to 1 Credit basic price for non selling. Well, FT, this is my answer: they go to all other agencies what can sell them!
You get them first and exclusive and you can't sell them.
That's not my problem it's yours.

With best regards.

When i started at Dreamstime und also during the last 25 month i never ever thought that any customer would buy the whole rights at any image. I always thought that this was a concept mistake by Dreamstime done in the beginning without any market relevance.
Well, yesterday it happened. Someone bought a SR-EL-Licence from me. I can't believe it.
Does this happend to anyone else or is this the exception what approve the rule?

Hi all,
did anyone notice a change in the behaviour of the FT sales? I sell more and more image from the past. All my bestsellers are selling more than estimated and more than usual. But new pictures are laying at the bottom. My Income is okay, but...this "feels" like a change in FT policy I would like to verify/ discuss.
Also my Images with smaller prices doesnt't come up. It seems like the "Price" gets more relevance in the searchengine in last time. Maybe I'm wrong. I just want to find out.

Thank's for any response at this.

General Stock Discussion / Cooperation account
« on: July 13, 2009, 21:48 »
Did anyone have experiences with cooperation accounts on any microstock site? I want to start a project account with an other illustrator. We both will cooperate and build images where both of us do some work and put them together in one image (more images naturaly).
I've seen such cooperation at IS but there's no "official" statement on and about this kind of work to find.
I also looking for some photographers for cooperation in this way.
Anyone here who have to say something about this case?

Well, i know, you have thougt about this and now you would like to talk about this case you never have done. Maybe you can read here about this whitout telling anyone your big ideas and people who have experiences in this can tell something more, thanks.

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