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Veer / can you go into dashboard?
« on: February 07, 2012, 15:34 »
Since the weekend i can get on to veer but i cant get into my dashboard.

is it just me?


Anyone noticed any sub sales and if you have what are u getting.

Microstock News / Wow~talk about race to the bottom...so sad
« on: September 26, 2011, 10:19 »
Found this on petapixl

"Stipple Trying to Turn Microstock On Its Head with In-Photo Ads"

SO, would you work for clicks???


hope shis isnt 2x post last one did not go through?

123RF / are you able to log into 123?
« on: November 18, 2010, 18:55 »
are you able to log into 123?

I cant since this morning.

New Sites - General / is cluster shot still doing biz?
« on: August 28, 2010, 18:00 »
I asked but no one responded on the clustershot thread.

I cant seem to log into my account since my last up load.

And the great people at clustershot seen to not be home when i contact them via there site email.

Could maybe someon log in and let me know if you can.

Greatly appreciated,

Hello, wonder if someone can help me.

i almost neve have noise problems but i did ia shoot that would be hard to re~shoot and all pics have noise, not too much but enough to be concerned of rejection.

I understand you can downsize a pic to make noise less vissible.

but how can i do that?

I know in ps i can use immage / size.

To be more specific, how can i downsize a 12mp photo to say a 8mp?

any help is appreciated,

Got this email from deposit photos this morning:

"We would like to inform you about changes to the Promotional Program. Our inspectors will be constantly reviewing your work. During their inspection they will make a decision to grand you permission to enter in the Promotional program or not. Only selected photographers and illustrators will be able to participate in our Promotional Program.

We apologies but you are not able to participate in Promotional Program at this time. You still have a chance to participate. All you have to do is continue uploading pictures and illustrations of the highest quality. As always, you will receive your standard commission for photographs and illustrations sold on our site. You will receive an email notification if you are qualified to participate in the Promotional Program."

Do my photos suck so much!....Dont answer that  :)

Or are they phazing out the promotion now.

I knew i should have dumped all my photos on there, but i dont like overwelming the reviewers with lg uploads.

If i knew this was comming i would have at least uploaded enough to get my $50 payout.

Did anyone else get the above email.

Hello all, I guess this is the best place to ask this question as opposed to individual micro sites.

As you see my name is "zenpix" since i started uploading to microstock sites, same name in all sites.
When i do a web search I see that others out there have the same name.
Some are photo related, some i belive engineering, even a production co...

Im woried about the right to this name.
For example when i reach yuri's status and i becom a millionair from micro's, i wondering if another co. can make me change my name, cause i dont have tradmark.

So, if my thingking is correct, is it likely that they can make me change my name? I think its possoble.

Im trying to nip it in the bud by doing it now before i am huge like yuri with millions following me/my name.
I assume that would hurt biz, at that point to do a name change.

Also and just as important, will all the microstock sites allow me to change may name?

P.S. Im being sarcastic about Yuri i know i will never reach his status, but we can still dream.


Shutterstock.com / cant sign into SS
« on: October 02, 2009, 17:58 »
Is anyone else having a problem getting into shutterstock.

I can acces their main page but when i hit the submmiting content link it just...well the status bar at the bottom just never filles up?

Did they anounce they are going off line, and i missed it?


Veer / are all your pics showing on Veer?
« on: August 21, 2009, 12:33 »
Reason i ask is i cant find any of mine.

I did not say anything cause i figure my pics are so sucky they just left them for last.

But mabey something is wrong.

Veer / Is Veer mrkt pl up and running?
« on: July 28, 2009, 21:01 »
I thought it was.

I looked for some of my pics but they are not up.

maybe they will in a bit?



i have been thinking about cutting down on the sites i contribute to.

I'm just tired of the uploading!

I submit to~SS, DT, FT, StockXpert, CanStockPhoto, 123, BigStock, SNAPVILLAGE, FP, VEER.

That's 10 freeken sites.

I just recently got accepted to ss.

IS keeps rejecting me.

anyone else been in this boat & what did you do.

I'm thinking of just keeping, SS,DT,FT,VEER,BigStock....AHHHH, i don't know.

and i still want to get into istock.

Any sugestions?


Veer / can i trsfr SV port to Veer?
« on: June 18, 2009, 13:11 »

I was not one of the people who got there port transferred from snap village to veer automatically.

I had to apply to veer mp to get accepted. I did.

Now I'm wondering of i can have my SV port transferred to Veer for review. that would be a lot less work for me.

thanks again,

Veer / Is Veer more artsy then other micors?
« on: June 10, 2009, 22:46 »
I have just been looking at the veer site/pics & get the feeling that they accept pics that are more on the artsy/creative side.

Would you agree, or am i off on this assumption?

Reason I'm asking is I'm trying to decide what i will upload to them. Wondering if i have a better chance getting accepted with my more artsy pics, then my standard stock pics?


Newbie Discussion / what sites are good for editorial immages
« on: March 05, 2009, 18:25 »
Im new to this game.

Is there some sites that are better for editorial pics than others, sale wise. I understand some dont even have an editorial catagory.

right now all i know is that BigStock & dt have editorial catagories.

i think i might have read that panther does also~but are they worth the time to upload to them.

And...was it alamy also good with editorial?

I had applyed to them & goofed on the resizing thing.


Hello, i registered last week. or so & this is my second post. though i read (lurke) the posts here for info, often.

I was researching StockXpert here a few days ago & it sounded good.

i had already uploaded 5 to them a few months ago & they asked for five more. well i sent 5 more last night & got approved as a contributor this morning.

i uploaded today my first 15 pics ~ as soon as they hit the site they had a yellow dot. i assumed a yellow dot was pending.

i QUICKLY (under 1hr) got two green dots (approved) and one dot was kinda yellowish (pending?).

i was impressed how fast they approved the first two & i eagerly waited for them to get around to the remaining photos

i accidentally ran my curser over the yellow dots & realised they were declined!!!

is this normal?

can they be reviewed so fast that they hit the site as a yellow declined immage???

wow out of 15 pics only two accepted ~ i suck!

note: i contribute to 6 other sites also. i have bin in this game only for around a couple of months or so.

i have a picture in my mind of a reviewer sitting in front of his computer screen (finger poised & ready to hit the decline button) waiting for me to upload my pics & he quickly declines them as fast as i can upload them.

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