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Are you using Schedule C or C-EZ for your 1099 income?

I have only been sent one 1099 form this year and it was from Shutterstock.  From what I've read on the IRS site, it says companies have to report $10.00 or more of royalties paid.  It also states a company must report miscellaneous income paid out if its greater than $600.

My earnings are very small:

$100 from DT
$108 from Shutterstock
$100 from Istock

I'm going to assume DT and Istock didn't send me a 1099 because they consider the money paid to me as Misc income and not Royalties.

Here are my questions:

1. Did I make the right assumption about not receiving 1099 from DT and Istock?

2. Should I report the income on a Small Business Form ie: C-EZ?

3.  I read something about if the money if from a "hobby" or something done inconsistantly, I don't have to report this on a Small Bussiness type form.  Instead I an put it on 1040 Line 21 Other income.  I feel like I do this consistantly, but its definitely a hobby for me as I already have a Full Time job.  At what dollar figure would people consider this no longer a hobby?  I was thinking income greater than $5000/year.  Agree or disagree?

iStockPhoto.com / Istock Photo Paypal Payouts
« on: November 30, 2009, 10:43 »
Hi I'm hoping someone can help me on this....

I requested my first payout at I-stock on Nov. 17.  The paypal schedule said payouts for paypal payment request deadline is 11/23.  So, I got my request in before the deadline.  Then, the calander shows the actual payout date for paypal to be Nov. 30th (which is today).  Shouldn't I be receiving my payout today?

I would appreciate any insight about this subject that anyone may be able to provide.  Its my first time, so I'm sort of confused about the process.



I opened up my account today and found out I had a 13 downloads for the day, which is a really high amount for me.  Before this, my record was 7.  I was wondering if SS has a Featured Photographer Section or something similar which would lead buyers to my account today...

Just curious?


A few more questions:

1.  How many early on Downloads does an image need to have to qualify for one that initially "Caught On"?  (One which should continue to get sales later on).

2.  How many overall Downloads are needed before and image is considered "successful"?

Just Curious  ??? ::)

Question about Shutterstock:

1. I'm curious if at Shutterstock old images continue to sell -or- is it just the newer ones? 

2. Does anyone know how the search engine works there? 

3. If a picture has lots of downloads will it be positioned higher in the search engine or favored over images with less downloads?

I am very familiar with SS and its "Feed the Beast" mentality.  I upload 1-3 pictures each time a batch gets reviewed.  SS is a site I CONSTANTLY upload too.  As long as I do this, the sales come through.

IS is completely different, I don't get many files approved there.  I think my portfolio has a total of around 48 files total, but I KEEP getting sales regardless of if I'm getting new material up there or not ~ it still ceases to amaze me, this crazy phenomenon.

Ok my question is, what type of site is 123RF - is it more similair to IS or SS in the way a contributor needs to build a portfolio there.

So far I have less than 50 photos.  I've made about $5.00 in sales, they come far and few between though.  Should I try and upload more regularly, does this give me an advantage on this site? or should I attempt to dump a large batches less frequently? 

Veer / Veer: Portfolio Size, Sales, Views, & Keywording
« on: August 02, 2009, 14:02 »
Hi Everyone,

Now that Veer has been up and running live for a short time, I was wondering how everyone was doing?

Overall:  I'm a bit frustrated with the images that transfered from SnapVillage.  These images don't have the correct keywords set. They are missing very important words which would be relevant to the image.  For example many of my dog photos & horse photos don't even have "dog" or "horse" as a keyword.  When is this going to be corrected?


1.  What is the size of your Portfolio on Veer?

2.  Are your images getting views?

3.  How many sales hae you had so far?

Adobe Stock / Myfotolia.com ~ Is Anyone Using This????
« on: June 25, 2009, 00:04 »
Hi just wondering if anyone is using Myfotolia.com to promote your FT portfolio.  I guess you can link it to some kind of google stats.  If you are using it:

1. Are people looking at your site?
2. Have you seen an increase in traffic to your FT portfolio
3. What do your google stats look like?
4. Do you recommend setting it up?
5  And of course.... has it increased your sales?

I just recently set mine up http://my.fotolia.com/sgcallaway1994

Let me know what you think, maybe I can mark you as a friend...

Here's the link to set yours up too, if your interested: http://my.fotolia.com/Home

Shutterstock.com / Views on ShutterStock
« on: June 06, 2009, 15:49 »
I have been uploading images to SS for about 4 months now, but I haven't stumbled upon a way to see how many views my images are getting (or not getting).  Is there a way to see these statistics?  I think it would be important to see now that the search engine has changed.

Also, is there any way to see how many downloads OTHER members photos have?  I haven't discovered a way to find out this information either.  


Hi Everyone,

I see this topic has been brought up before, but its been awhile.  I was just going to respond to an old post, but the post itself suggested starting a new topic.

Anyways.... I've been accepted to both SS and IS which I consider two of the more difficult agencies to get on with.  In addition, I have images up on BS, FT and DT(my largest portfolio).  One can find the links below.

I'd very much appreciate  ;D if someone could browse through my stuff and recommend some images I should upload for my second try at StockXpert.  I get to resubmit after April 4th.  I know this is probably a pain in the butt, but I really don't want to get rejected again and I'm just now sure what the heck they are looking for.


iStockPhoto.com / New to Istock ~ Not having Much Success
« on: March 30, 2009, 00:33 »
I've read that IStock is one of the top sites for sales in Microstock.  I've had great success as a newbie with Shutterstock.  I've just been uploading for 1.5 months and I have over 88 sales.  For me, this is a big deal.  I've been uploading to DT since Aug. and I've only seen 26 sales there.  I was really hoping Istock would be similiar to SS for me.  I've uploaded about 15 images so far and have only had 1 sale.  Do people think my portfolio is just too small to see sales, yet. 

I guess I was really spoiled by SS, I only had a 2 photos on-line there and already had 7 sales.  I was shocked.  I was sorta thinking IS would go that way too, but so far, not happening for me....

Shutterstock.com / "Feed the Beast"
« on: March 29, 2009, 23:44 »
I have seen this phrase, "Feed the Beast" a lot in reference to Shutterstock.  What exactly does this mean?  I just was accepted to submit photographs to SS in the middle of last month.  I upload to many other microstock agencies, but have never had more sales than with SS.

In order for my sales to continue, does "Feed the Beast" mean I must continue to provide new images on a daily basis?  If uploads stop, do the sales continue or dry up?  In the short time I've been uploading, I've noticed whenever I upload my sales seem to creep up, but if I stop, then go right back down, somethimes even to ZERO...

I'd love if a vetran could shine a little light on this subject.  In addition, are there microstock sites which people feel do not need fresh images added on a regular basis to have sales?


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