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General Stock Discussion / iSyndica is now 1 year old!
« on: April 28, 2010, 11:18 »
Hello Everyone

I wanted to extend a big thank you to all of you on Microstockgroup. Many of you are now our users, while others have decided to pass but nonetheless provided great feedback. It's been a year for us at iSyndica and we're very happy and grateful to work with great people. You know who you are.

iSyndica is now 1 year old and we're excited to work with you to make our second year as productive as the first!

Thank you,

Hugo @iSyndica

iSyndica ran a great update today. We've added a few things to make it easier. So let's begin:

- Third party login: You can now use your Twitter, Flickr, Yahoo, Facebook, AOL and Google User ID to log into iSyndica. No personal info required - just pick a username and register.
- Paypal support: A lot of people didn't like that we were using only Amazon's payment system. We have added Paypal which you can now use to pay for credits or subscriptions
- Illustrations/Vector: We have added a new category (on top of stock photos and stock videos) which is illustrations for all the vector artists out there. Same benefits: upload once and we distribute it for you.

Here's the link

PS: Comments and feedback always welcome

iSyndica has made a number of important updates this week and I wanted to share those with you.

- New pricing! We changed our pricing (in large part thanks to the feedback from many of you). Distribution your pictures to sites like Veer, DT, FT are all 1 cents/photo (per site)

- Affiliate program! This is where it gets interesting. Refer enough people and you can get up to 16% of revenue sharing. We also give you credits.

- Stats Add-On for firefox! It's brand new and it lets you view your stats directly on your firefox browser bar!

If you still don't know what iSyndica is go check out the review from microstock insider!

Feel free to comment, pm or email me!

PS: We are working on adding many more sites and will add vectors/illustration in the coming month.

Hello everyone

I want to invite all of you who have questions about iSyndica to post them here. I will be here to provide answers. If you don't know about iSyndica, go check it out at http://www.isyndica.com/tour

In addition, we have created a short survey (very short, less than 5 minutes) to get your opinion on our current pricing. We definitely want to change things but would like to hear what you, users and microstock contributors have to say about it.


Thank you to all of you who will take the time to fill it out.


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