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I have only been at this for about 3-4 months.  I have uploaded about 400+ photos to all of the big 6 and canstockphoto.   My accepted portfolios run the range from a low at Istockphoto of 63 images up to a high of 316 at stock expert.  I have not gotten a payout yet but my total earnings is about $85.  I am now making about $1-2 /per day.  My goal is to get this up to about $10-20/day to feed my photo gear habit.

One of the stats I am tracking is how much do I make on average at each site per photo in my portfolio at that site.  There is a very significant difference with Shutterstock WAY ahead of the others ( I have 175 photos accepted there).

So is this typical? Does it indicate some typcial Shutterstock customer and my style ( If I have a style) images?

Anyhow I thought it was surprising and thought I would see what you all think about this.

2 / FTP down??
« on: June 08, 2009, 21:31 »
Have not been able to upload via ftp or their web page.... others having problems?

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