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I posted some thoughts on my blog about potential new markets and how we can open them up, then I posted some comments in another thread, but did not want to hijack it so here are some thoughts.

The Blog Text:
There are many services being launched around the Digital Artists Assets, many are just new sites that are just mirrors and mimic the existing big players business models, many of these services will fail quickly, because the market is already saturated with these services which do not have a unique selling point, all are trying for a share of the existing revenue pool which causes dilution and artists commission or royalties to be cut, where are the new ideas and markets going to come from?

Lets look at potentially the biggest untapped market, blog and article writers, I wrote the blog entry offline with Microsofts Live Writer, a picture replaces many words and will attract the viewers attention, so what if I needed an image to emphasise that many of these new services will fail?

I will need to join a stock imaging site buy credits or a subscription package for a couple of web sized images.

Ok off I go to Istock and enter the search Failed Online Business, the search returns 108 search results for Failure AND The Internet (Technology) AND Business.

After registration I choose a Pay as you Go plan, the option I choose is the lowest available, 12 Credits for 14.00, so that is 1.16 a Credit, I now download two images I had added to a lightbox, to be used in my post on the future of many of these new and existing services and their programmers.

These are the two I have chosen all I needed was XS and paid 1 credit for each.
<<< Blog with the Images >>>
But what if I did not have 14 to spare, or could not be bothered to go to the website, login, search and download, the Digital Artists and website owners have lost a needed Sale.

How could this be addressed when what I really want as an article writer or blogger is a simple way to add an image to my post with the least effort.

A Pay as you Go system that uses the PayPal micropayments system for verified users in real time, with a plug-in for my browser and desktop applications like Live Writer and Microsofts office suite to deliver the Digital Assets in real time.

I would gladly pay 2.32 instantly to enhance a presentation, article or blog post, but I am not always up to paying 14.00 up-front for credits I will use over a period of time.

Think of the potential asset use with this untapped market waiting for a simple asset delivery system, one which is fair to all artists and end users alike, and how much illegal use would such a system quickly stop?.

Phil asked this question on the other thread
Quote from: Phil
hi, just read your blog and I think integration with software will have to come (with a cut for the software producer), but then fotolia has agents / partners etc how hard would it be for software producer to get the agents cut.  Thinking about I bet there are some software producers who would definetly be keen.

The question springs to mind, how much extra would you be willing to pay to buy a single (or two) credits? (I'm not a buyer so dont know) would you, knowing you only want xsmall say pay 1.5 or 2 rather than 1.16 (sorry cant do the symbol ) knowing that buying 12 credits gets them at 1.16 each.  Would this cover the extra costs to the agency?


I would be happy to be able to insert an image for 1.5 into a presentation, article or blog, via a software or browser plug-in, what do others think?

PayPal have a business relationship with Ebay, why not have somthing to deliver Digital Assets with the same PayPal relationship?

David  ;D

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