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Great news! 3D Systems Corporation has acquired You can read the full press release here:

Matts blog post has additional info. If you have questions he didnt address, please let us know by commenting on Matts blog post or via the contact form on our site, or email us. As you can imagine, its a very busy time here in Mesa so we might not have time to check the forums for a while.

All the family members who owned and operated will continue to provide fast and personal customer service. Seller royalties remain the same (60% minimum) and our programs such as Member Loyalty, Buyer Rewards, Affiliate, and Exclusive Pricing are still in place.

We accepted the offer from 3D Systems because they are a successful company with amazing leadership and they have the resources to allow us to grow and expand. We have many ideas and dreams for and we are excited about being able to move forward with them much sooner now that we are part of 3D Systems.

[email protected]

Off Topic / Thanks & Happy 2010 From!
« on: December 31, 2009, 18:15 »
Thanks to all from this forum who became members at in 2009. Thanks also for all the suggestions and advice when we entered the stock photo arena.  :-*

We hope 2010 brings many sales to all of you, at our site and all the venues where you sell your work.

We have been working on tweaking the licensing language, have added more stock photo categories and sub-categories, and continuing the website design update.

[email protected]

The latest website upgrade at is the addition of larger preview images which can now be up to 600x600 pixels in size. The new size is absolutely huge when compared to the older 400x400 pixels preview images. All existing Stock Photos/Images will be switched over to the newer 600px size in the next few days, and all new products added to will automatically upload to this new size.

A few days ago the Reports section was updated. Its now much easier for Member Sellers and Member Affiliates to run all the reports offered at In addition, a new report called "Referral Sales Earned" was added for all Member Affiliates who refer Member Sellers to This new report will show all referral commissions for any time period. They can be grouped by day, month, or year and the Member can see in real time all their lifetime referral sales.

The size of profile pictures that appear in blog posts and author searches have also been increased. Members can now upload images up to 350x350 pixels (reducing anything larger automatically).

Matt is still working on even more upgrades.

[email protected]

We've made some changes to the website including larger thumbnails and improved search function. Pages load faster and the new wider page design should make for less scrolling.

[email protected]

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