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Dreamstime.com / Do you also have very few EL's on DT?
« on: January 11, 2012, 17:56 »
I have a small port so i'm pretty vulnerable to the tides, but i've been wondering about this for awhile...
On SS i generally have 5-10 EL's/month, on iStock 2-5/month (less now), when i was still with FT i also had them on a somewhat regular basis, same with Veer... but on DT i've had 2 (!) since i started submitting in 2008.
I've double checked to make sure my files are opted in for EL's there, so thats not it.

So i was wondering, do you bigger/steadier ports people have regular EL's there, or do they also come waaaay fewer compared to other sites? ???

I should have done it a long time ago, but i just borrowed an X-rite Eye One colorimeter to calibrate my screen. (before it was set to imac's sRGB IEC61966 color profile).... i was prepared for 'some' difference, but holy shitters! Seriously...
Everything looks AWFULLY dirty yellow-greenish now, it lost it's pop and is now dull, dark and dirty yellow(ish).

I read on the internet that this tool is very reliable, but i somehow can't believe this is right...
So i was wondering, anyone else been using Eye One...? And is it really so reliable? Were you also shocked at the result?
(i'm ashamed to admit i know very little about color management... what would be the best way to check if this is what its supposed to be?)

Merci :)

General Stock Discussion / Matton Images?
« on: October 17, 2011, 19:12 »
I just found my images on Matton Images (grrr!  >:(); does anybody know who they are or whom they're partnered with?
I submit only to SS, iS, BigStock, Veer , DT and Stockfresh and am opted out of PP's where possible... i wonder...

Its been mentioned in the other istock thread, but i thought this deserved a thread of it's own:
From mr. Thompson:

"OK, heres what were going to do.
Were going to take a few people (maximum 5?) and ask them to sign NDAs. Then we'll have a conference call this week about what's going on. They can be the ears of the entire community and see if we're doing anything out of the ordinary.
I'm going to lock this thread. Someone can start a new one where they nominate people they'd like to speak with us. They will need to be exclusive members. Nominate away.
(end of now-locked clawback thread)
Nominations of exclusives can be made here:

I'm not sure what to expect from this. Are they going to open the books to these select few and actually prove everything is ok? Are they going to reveal their future plans?
I dont see much use in it if the rest of us don't get any details at all...

And i think this one is a very genuine concern:
Posted By lostinbids:
There is part of me that thinks if 5 prominant members of the community sign a NDA get told what is going on and then can't share it with the rest of us we loose those 5 prominant members voices' in the forums.

Dreamstime.com / Seeing a big increase in sales too?
« on: January 08, 2011, 17:01 »
I was wondering if you also saw a pretty spectacular increase in sales there the last 1- 1,5 months?
My portfolio on DT is only 245 pics, maybe this is only ebb and flow, so i was wondering... :)

iStockPhoto.com / istock phone calls with portfolio critique
« on: September 05, 2010, 17:32 »
I was a bit baffled to read this on the istock forums:

istock offered a (non-exclusive) to call and give them personal feedback, tips and tricks on how to improve their portfolio. They even send PSD's with their improvements etc! JJRD confirms in the thread its now part of the official istock program.

Thought i'd share :)
Im (pleasantly) surprised they're willing to put so much energy into this, and double surprised they offer this personal service to non-exclusives.

I've been wondering if it's possible to use google analytics to track traffic to my istock portfolio like i do with my zazzle store. The tracking code i'd have to add to my member profile is javascript...is it technically possible? (i have close to zero coding knowledge). Been looking in the istock forums but everything vaguely related is locked without answer...
gracias :)

Thought i'd share with you:
Vivozoom's New Affiliate Program - Probably the Best Affiliate Program in the World
"Visitors to Vivozoom can offer their friends a 20% discount and at the same time generate 15% affiliate income on all their friends' purchases for the next year.

From http://www.prweb.com/releases/2010/03/prweb2449054.htm

Sales are non-existing for me there but i'm happy they're still trying to get it going. (although i fear the future might look pitchblack for them...)
From since they started i have a weak spot for them, truly hope it'll work out.

I have been searching around for the commission chart for non-exclusives on istock but couldn't find it anywhere...(the exclusive one i found on the site)
Made me wonder, when you go up in canister there, do commissions raise as well, or not?
Could anyone point me to a chart or anything that applies for non-exclusives?

Muchos thanks :)

Today i received an email from istock stating:
"We regret to inform you that a refund has been issued for a purchase of your file #:

file corrupted during download process.

It's not a biggie because it wasnt one of the EL's (although approx. $7 seems a bit a strange refund amount); but it still left me wondering. 'File corrupted'?
This is my bestselller and it gets multiple downloads every day; if it gets corrupted during the download process, isn't this istock's responsability (its THEIR software) when it's a perfectly fine file? Or would it be that the customer tried again immdiately and thus spent 2x the credits? (i nowhere see 2 similar size downloads really close together in the stats).

I don't know....it feels a bit sketchy...
Do they just take the customers word for it? Worst case scenario: Is my file maybe perfectly fine and free on their HD now? I've seen no CoD...
Again, i'm not really upset and wont lack any sleep over it...but i just find it pretty odd and unclear. Does anyone have more details about this sort of refunds?

Adobe Stock / FT extended licenses
« on: October 23, 2009, 00:00 »
I started with them a couple of months ago, and had 1 EL before but didnt even notice it was an EL because of the ridiculously low amount i got for it.
And now again... as far as i can see it has more or less the same conditions as EL"s on SS and iStock, where does this ridiculously low amount come from? Or am i missing something else?

This is just...i dont know...angering would be an understatement right now.

New Sites - General / Vivozoom anyone?
« on: August 01, 2009, 17:21 »
I thought it looked pretty promising at first, definitely seeing who the founders are/were... but the dead silence for months now, while it's supposed to be launched makes me "slightly" worried.
what do you think?
Another one down the drain, (before it even started!) or still betatesting and promising?
I wonder....

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