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Alamy.com / Vector VS images and illustrations
« on: July 07, 2020, 12:57 »

Looking at the RF image license prices a vector file costs 5 times less than the smallest JPG and 36 times less than the XXLarge JPG (that can be easily created from the vector file with a free software). So now I am wondering: should I replace my vector files with large JPGs?

What do you think? Any advice appreciated.

Canva / Canva announcement
« on: April 06, 2020, 10:43 »
I got this today from Canva. What do you think about this? I am curious.

"Thank you for being one of our valued content contributors - you help make Canva ever more special. Today, we are very excited to announce some changes to our contributor program which will increase your earnings by 2X for the next 6 months, and put your wonderful content in the hands of even more Canva users, for use on the platform.

Whats changing?
Ever since we introduced Canva Pro, one of the top pieces of feedback weve received from our users is that they want to have access to all the paid content on Canva. In order to make this happen, were going to include all premium content in our Canva subscriptions for use within Canva. At the same time, to make sure you are fairly compensated for your work, we are allocating a percentage of Canvas subscription revenue to a new royalty pool that will be paid to contributors like you every time your content gets used as part of our subscriptions.

What will happen to my earnings?
The current royalty pool is $9.5 million USD on an annualised basis and importantly, it will continue to grow proportionally as Canvas subscription revenue grows. Every time a Canva subscriber uses one of your assets, youll earn a share of the royalty pool, paid to you shortly after the end of each calendar month.

We are confident this will substantially increase your earnings. So confident, that were guaranteeing* your earnings will double in the first 6 months, or well pay you the difference!


Your March earnings

Your April earnings


$400+ guaranteed*

*Guarantee only applies if you do not remove any photos or elements from your portfolio. During the guarantee period, your total earnings will be at least double your March 2020 earnings, or your actual earnings for the month; whichever is higher. The guarantee period lasts for six months (Apr 2020 to Oct 2020).

Can anyone use my content now?
No. Canva users that are not on a subscription will continue to have to pay for a license to use your content in their designs, just like they have before. The royalties you earn for those uses will not change and will continue to be paid out to you as normal.

Additionally, while subscribers will be able to use all premium content as part of their subscription, this will be in the Canva editor - no direct downloads will be allowed (except for users who pay separately for Multi Use licenses, Extended Use licenses or a Photos Unlimited subscription).

Can I opt-out of this initiative?
Of course! We truly believe that this change will be better for both our users and our contributors, but as you know, under our Contributor Terms, you are free to withdraw your stock media from the Contributor program at any time by reaching out to us through the contributor support form.

However, please note that because we will be making our entire content library available to our subscribers, it will unfortunately not be possible to opt-out of this initiative only - you will be required to opt-out of the contributor program entirely. Keep in mind that if you stay, your total earnings are guaranteed to double for six months, and we expect your actual earnings will be higher and continue to grow over time.

If you have any questions, reply to this email or reach out to us through the contributor support form, we are here to help.

Canva Team

Frequently asked questions

What action do I need to take?

You do not need to take any action. All contributors will automatically qualify for the double earnings guarantee (subject to its condition of no content being removed from your portfolio), and this will be reflected in your payouts.

How will the royalty pool grow with Canva subscription revenue?

The royalty pool will grow proportionally with Canva subscription revenue, including from Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise.

Do I still earn from license sales and Photos Unlimited?

Yes, you will continue to receive earnings for a-la-carte license sales by Canvas free users, as well as revenue from existing Photos Unlimited subscribers. This is an additional revenue stream for you.

Can Canva subscription users download my assets?

No. They may only use them within the Canva editor.

Can I opt-out of this program?

Yes, but because we will be making our entire content library available to our subscribers, it will unfortunately not be possible to opt-out of this initiative only - you will be required to opt-out of the contributor program entirely.

If youd like to opt-out of our contributor program, please contact us through the contributor support form. Keep in mind that if you stay, your total earnings are guaranteed to double for six months, and your actual earnings may be even higher and continue to grow over time.

Will my earnings drop after the guarantee period?

We expect your actual earnings to exceed the guarantee, especially by the end of the guarantee period and that your earnings will continue to grow over time. The royalty pool will increase with Canvas subscription growth.

Can I see my earnings in real time?

As we calculate usages and royalties on a monthly basis, youll get these numbers a few days after each calendar month.

When will I be paid?

Similarly to Photos Unlimited royalties, you will be paid a few days after the end of each calendar month.

How do I maximise my earnings?

The more your content is used on Canva by Pro users, the more you will earn. To maximise your earnings, we suggest uploading your best content to Canva.

Remember: Canva Pro users cannot download your assets; users have to pay $10 for a multi-use license to download your assets."

Image Sleuth / someone selling my vector on shutterstock
« on: November 25, 2018, 15:16 »
I got an e-mail from a nice stranger, warning me someone is selling my illustration on shutterstock.

Original: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/childrens-style-drawing-traditional-family-children-536257561
Copy: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/people-generations-different-ages-man-woman-1162014682

I reported it to shutterstock, almost one week ago, but the image is still online for sale.
Anyone knows how long does it take to be taken down? (I guess it is pretty obvious, no need for investigation).

Also, you might want to check his/her port...


After years of being a vector contributor, I decided to try footage also.
I created an animation in Adobe Flash CS6 and exported the file to .mov
It was rejected, due to technical error on fotolia, and it did not upload to depositphotos saying "video codec used to compress video is not supported".
I am a total beginner at this, maybe someone who creates video this way can help me how should I export / save my file in order to be approved.
Sorry if this has been asked before, I could not find the answer.

Thank you for any help!


Recently I found one of my images being sold on t-shirts.

Since I was sure this image got no EL, I contacted the shop. They are telling me, that one of their contributors uploaded it to them, and he/she is claiming it is her image. I sent them some screenshots about this image being online on several stock sites for almost 2 years, under my name.

They do not believe me, and I don't know what else could I do. This has been going on for almost 2 weeks, they keep asking me for more proof, starts to feel like I am the offender here. In the meantime the t-shirt sells, and the thief gets his/her money.

The funniest part: They don't know the real name of this contributor. I already explained to them, that they should know the person's name, they should have a contributor agreement or a contract etc.

They also have designs from other stock contributors (and I am almost sure it is the same story).

I appreciate any advice on this.

Thank you!

Adobe Stock / Vector file size question
« on: September 16, 2011, 12:58 »

I noticed Fotolia changed the minimum JPG preview size for vectors to 15MP.

My problem is, this way my ZIP file can't fit into the 2MB limit.

I save the JPG at 300 dpi, 15MP = 3-4MB, and when I zip it with the EPS file =7-800KB the ZIP file size exceeds the 2MB limit. What should I do to reduce the ZIP file size?

I appreciate any advice.


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