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Newbie Discussion / Ranking factors microstock sites
« on: May 01, 2012, 01:29 »
Hi all,

First of all i want to say hi to all microstockker, Im new to this (Microstock) and here while i'm photographing for 3 years professionally already. Normally Sports, press and little studio work.

I've been busy last week shooting some simple tabletop stuff, and getting some old pics ready for upload.
Have around 9 files online on Istock now, but have a pending upload queue of around 12 files. and need to edit a new shoot with around 4 or 5 new photos.

Anyhow, just checking a lot of info, read a lot this few days but i was wondering the following.

I see a lot of people who need to wait until first sale a long time, or do not get sales what so over while they have a nice small portfolio of great images.
Is there some kind of ranking factors involved. Like i upload a photo of a green apple, of course there are already 1000 images of green apples, is there some kind of date, popularity, relevance, profile popularity of any combination of ranking factors involved?

So is this why everybody says keep uploading so you aggregate more sales and more profile popularity?

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