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I understand that some people get payed in Euro and others in Dollars on Fotolia and that there is no way of changing this.  Can someone with good grasp of this situation please explain it here? Is the conversion of Fotolia credit to Dollars the same as the conversion of Fotolia credit to Euro? If this is the case then contributors payed in Dollars are getting about 30% less than contributors payed in Dollars!

Is this really the case?

This is probably a good time to also educate fotolia contributors (including myself) about this subject, and I would be happy if you could help me out.

Yay contributor you need to opt out now or terminate your account! Here is why:

You can now download almost the entire Yaymicro database (original high resolution images and vectors) for just 99$ - at least if your internet connection is fast enough to pull down 4 million images in one month.

That is correct! If you have not opted out, buyers can now download your entire full resolution portfolio for only 99$, and you will only see a tiny undisclosed fraction of that money. It is almost impossible to grasp that Yaymicro have sunk this deep, but I have read it 4 times so I am starting to believe it now.

Read it here: http://yayimages.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=14

And then go deactivate your account or at least opt out!

Yaymicro have totally misjudged their position in the market on this one. They do not have any leverage, as they do not produce nearly enough sales to make hard for anybody to pull out.

The only way Yaymicro can hope for this to work is by keeping the contributors uninformed. With 4 million images, most contributors are still opted in. Please spread the word in your contributor network. This needs to be stopped!

Yay contributors, what do you plan to do about this?

Questions to Yaymicro:

This is such a radical change in the terms and conditions that contributors signed on for and it is clearly highly unethical that you have set the default option to "opt in" for this new product. Will do the only fair thing and set the default to "opt out"?

When were we informed about this?
Also, Please explain how this is not screwing over contributors in the worst possible way? And please no nonsense about new markets.


 YAY is completely undercutting the market and are now giving some the worst commissions ever for small images, 13 cents. I am wondering if they can get away with this one.

New Sites - General / RPD on iSignStock?
« on: May 03, 2012, 00:44 »
For 330$ pr year you can download 50 full resolution images pr week on iSignstock. Thats 2600 images for 330$ or 12.69 cent pr image which woukd leave the contributor with 3.8 cent after iSignstock has taken their 70% share...Well, we know that almost no buyers use the entire download quota, but this sure smells like a rotten deal for photographers.

Anyone care to share their RPD on iSignStock?


I recently shot some outdoors scenes with my 5D mark II and noticed some artifacts in the busy areas (trees in wind etc...). My exposure time was 1/100 pr frame and the picture style was "standard" with "sharpness 3". Should I use a longer exposure time and is sharpness 3 to much for video? I'm new to video and are never sure what settings to use. Are there guidelines out there that can help me with my video settings in different scenarios? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Microstock Services / Lookstat sells your sales data...
« on: December 18, 2010, 21:59 »
Did you Lookstat users know that Lookstat sell your sales statistics? And what is your opinion about it?

Accoording to their privacy policy they assume the right to use your sales data (in the form of aggregate data) to sell to whoever they want to - including your competition.

Aggregate data may not sound so bad to you, but you dont have to be very niche before your data likely will be very significant in an analasis....

Maybe you were specialising in ballet pictures and using Lookstat to analyse your results. Lookstat spots that "ballet" is an awesome keyword giving the highest RPI's they have in their database. You are probably one of the few or maybe the only one in Lookstats data pool with that keyword. Lookstat then sells the information to the top contributors that are always looking for new keywords...And suddenly Yuri has 63 images on DT of ballet - and you are doomed....

I'm not saying this actually happens or that I know who lookstat sells the data to, but I dont feel comfortable about this, and would like to know your thoughts on it.

I'd also very much like Lookstats view - who do you sell the data to and in what form?


Veer / Veer pays less than 17% commision!
« on: October 31, 2010, 08:04 »
At Veer an XSmall cost 1,5 euro (with credit card) which at todays exchange rate is 2,08 dollars. The commision you will recieve on such a sale is 0,35 dollars. In other terms:

you get 16,8% commision

The other commisions rates for credit card sales in euro are hardly impressive either:

xs   16,8%
s     26%
m    22%
l      21%
xl    22%
xxl   21%

A month ago Brian O'Shea said:

"A reminder of what Veer offers contributors:
A simple royalty structure with the same rates applied to all contributors. We pay any contributor up to 40% on any sale." (http://www.microstockgroup.com/veer-marketplace/end-of-summer-update/)

Since there has been a lot of cheering for Veer lately, I thought I would bring these numbers to your attention.

Site Related / Improving contributor conditions
« on: June 02, 2010, 14:18 »
Suggestion: Make a forum dedicated to discussions of how we can improve contributor conditions.

Right now these discussions seem to be scattered around the site, and are usually hidden in threads starting with an appropriate bitching about a site. A dedicated forum could hopefully give a more organised discussion and direct more attention to this important subject.

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