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Alamy allows you to opt of of Novel use sales only during month of April, so if you wanted to opt out .. this is your chance..


Do you have a suggestion on what to say when you ask them to sign it?

I don't want to be like ... Hey, sign this so I can sell you picture and it may be used for a herpes ad ..  got anything more tactful?

we were discussing this in another topic, but I just was curious what you folks say to people when you ask them to sign.  Especially when it's a random person that you don't know and doesn't know anything about microstock.


Photo Critique / IStock application
« on: August 08, 2010, 23:59 »
In 10 days I will be submitting my 5th attempt at Istock  ::) ... I have tried different combination of landscapes, isolation, etc.  Since I am still a newbie, I hope to get some of your experienced opinions.  I have been reading the forums and Istock forums and I am still not even sure what they are looking for ...  ???  The rejections are always:  "Two or more of these images are very similar in subject matter, perspective or style.... etc

Here are links to 5 pix that I still need to narrow down to 3..

or should I just forget all of these and pick different ones..

thanks in advance for looking..



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