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I see that there are a number of sites in the poll results that rank above the middle tier (3.5)  Does anyone have any experience with any of these, are they worth the time?  Vivozoom, PhotoSpin, Paxxion, Photocase are all above the middle tier and ranked by a dozen people.

General Stock Discussion / John Paul Getty III has died
« on: February 08, 2011, 14:51 »

General Stock Discussion / Anyone submitting to
« on: January 24, 2011, 16:25 »
Found these guys as one of the few Macro/midstock sites listed in the  2011 The Photographers Market book that are willing to take on non-exclusive RF contributers.   Quality of work has that slightly dated characteristic 35mm look so they've probably been around a while, image prices are in the hundreds, does anybody have any experience contributing to them? Is it worth the time they seem to have kind of an alamy-ish feel they offer 60% commission and give photographers their own website where they earn 100% commission (still confused on how that actually works?)  I have been putting in a lot of research time in finding other outlets that offer fair commissions.... with all these micro commission cuts it is not really sustainable any more to be solely in micro, however there are only a few big guys that will work without exclusivity. 

So anyone have any sales with these folks.?

I am wondering if the top 4 earners for stock footage is really the same list for those people doing mostly motion graphics (software generated footage) as opposed to those who sell footage shot with actual cameras.  The list seems to be pond5, Istock, revo, and Shutterstock.   Does that same list hold true for motion graphics folks as well, or is there a different set of top sites that are considered "worth the time"?  I ask because when I google "buy stock motion graphics" videohive and some others show up first in the would think they would be better sellers as google seems to drive more traffic to them....any experience with these other sites?

General Macrostock / Anyone on Agefotostock?
« on: January 08, 2011, 17:36 »
I have been with agefotostock now for over a year, I was told it has similar sales as Alamy, but to date I have had ZERO sales at Age as compared to some pretty good sales at Alamy....has anyone had sales at Age.  Wondering if it is worth the effort to continue uploading.

The keywords for the image that I most recently uploaded with MicrostockSubmitter to veer were applied to the previous image in the pending queue! Does it not work correctly with Veer yet, guess I will have to go back and manually redo all the keywords for the other image. I'll have to go back and check all my other images and make sure keywords aren't being switched on other images as well.

General Stock Discussion / Does anyone work with a Partner/Spouse?
« on: November 28, 2010, 17:40 »
I am thinking of including another friend who is a trained photographer into my microstock production and starting a small two person stock photography operation.  I feel we would have the potential to be more than twice as productive if there was a second person.  I wonder how those of you who are husband and wife teams or just two people working together handle the logistics of having a coworker. What business model works for you.  Should one person solely be responsible for editing or keywords or shooting or uploading or do you divide tasks equally and simply split profits equally.  I am not looking to pay an employee an hourly wage, I simply want a partner who splits all earnings in the hopes that the division of labor makes us both more profitable, splitting equipment costs would also be a bonus I would think.  Please share your experiences working with other people.

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