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Hello everyone,

I will be very thankful to get any ideas concerning the following-

In most stock agency's terms of use the artists are somehow legally protected as well, mainly concerning copyright issues.

Yet I was not able to find an additional and very important legal protection for the artists-
A legal protection for any damages, loss or anything else resulting from the use with the images sold(liability protection)

How do the contributors suppose to protect themselves for liability issues?

 An example of an alternative method can be found in the world of stock fonts- The customers usually receive a file with the specific terms of use of the artists, so in addition to the copyright, the artists can use a liability protection as well.

How do you solve this issue while selling images via the stock agencies?

Many thanks for any advice.


Hello everybody,

I will be very thankful for any ideas concerning the bellow-

Can you suggest any ideas to sell stock images via someone else(thus, no direct selling is involved), besides using stock agencies?

Any ideas and further details will be thankfully welcome.
Kind regards.

The illustrationist.

Hello everyone,
I will be thankful for any idea concerning the bellow-

I am willing to sell stock illustrations that I design.

As this point, my main interest is how to find private customers, so I will be able to sell the images to them directly.

At this time I am also willing to avoid using stock agencies, nor opening a website of my own, so the only reasonable solution seems to be selling directly to customers, but I am willing to learn how to find such customers, who may be willing to buy images on a regular base (I focus my designs on comic backgrounds)

Thank you for any idea.

Kind regards,

The illustrationist :)

Hello everybody,

I will be very thankful for any advice concerning the following.

I consider opening a web-store to sell stock images that I create.

The regular script for such task, make everything automated, including the payment gateway to paypal (or other secure ones)

I have a concern about other issue-

Naturally, all customer's details(names, e-mail addresses etc.) are kept within the website.

My true concern, although seems far-fetched, is that no matter how secure is the server or the script are, some skilled hacker can (theoretically) obtain the customer database(I am talking about the simple info, such as- names and e-mails, not payment or credit card details)

I am trying to find an affordable and wise solution to make it impossible (zero risk) to hack such customer's database, so I consider to open a gallery website only and not only that the payments will be directed to a 3rd party service, but also that there will be no data collecting at all within my own web-site system and everything will be done within other platform.

Such 3rd party service might be a digital goods marketplace, for example, so the payments and the downloads are done within their platform.

In such case, and please correct me if I am wrong, even if a skilled hacker will get into the system of my own website, he will only find the images shown on the website, but no customer's database(that is my best wish- to have nothing but images on the website so I am not risking any customer's detail, even not their names)

Another alternative is the online services that allow images sellers to open a web-store within their secured servers, but again, I do not know if there is a difference between this and opening my own store, as still- a customer's database is built and stored within the web-site's system ( something that always makes me afraid that it can be hacked)

My question-

Do you have any other, more simpler, solution to achieve the complete peace of mind concerning both customer's database as well as the payment issue(which is the obvious one of course)?

As I see it, the solution might be to have a gallery website only and to somehow make the operation work, without building any customer's database that can be hacked within my own web-store, and additionally, If I use a 3rd party service(digital goods marketplace)- to find a place where it is not only the secure servers that help preventing reaching the customer's database, but also some kind of wise thinking( maybe a 3rd party service that does not separate customers of different sellers, so if a hacker is able to somehow hack the system, he will not able to know which are my customers and which are of other images sellers)

I will be very thankful for any idea, advice or solution in order to simplify the above as possible(so it will also be affordable and good for the long run)

Thank you, in advanced, for the help.


Hello everyone,
I will appreciate your advice for the following-
I am a cartoonist, digital artist and an illustrator willing to start selling  images as RF.
Although I have been creating my art for years, only now I am looking for platform/s to sell those images as RF.
I also have my own website, that even includes a script for selling such images, but I have not yet open the website as I feel that it might be better to concentrate my efforts on the artistic part and use a professional service like a stock agency for the selling of the images, dealing with customers and the marketing.

I will be very thankful for any advice concerning any agency that might provide the following-
1. Being able to operate a portfolio website of my own (with my own domain), in addition to presenting the images on the agency, so customers can pick the images they like and to be directed to the platform for the payment? (in this way I can also market my own portfolio website and direct the customers to the platform for the payment)
2. I am willing to limit the use with the images to digital use only  (no printing is allowed), due my green ideology.- Is it possible in any stock agency?
3. I am also willing the customers to agree on taking the full legal responsibility for the use with my images(also from 3rd parties)- Is it covered in most terms of use or do I need to somehow add it somewhere else?
4. As I use eclectic tools and varied techniques to create my art, I usually export one size for each image- the sizes changes from image to image, but most of the images are at 300dpi- Is it possible to offer only one image size for each image? 
5. Some of the issues artist like me face with stock agencies are fierce competition, low royalties rates, rejections, complicated payment methods that make the prices get even lower (such as credits) etc., so  I am looking for stock platform/s to sell images in reasonable prices, that enable artists with the option to get paid reasonably, and also would like to ask-
As opposed to a photographer who can provide thousands of photos quickly, I put more time and effort on each image, so naturally I can provide less images. Is it still possible, in this way, to get noticed and build a personal brand?
6. Being able to set prices of my own.

I will be very thankful for any suggestions concerning any stock agencies that might provide the above.

It will truly help as I already did a massive research but was not able to find agency that provide all of the above(such as limiting the use to digital use only etc.)

Thank you in advanced for any advice and info.

Kind regards,

The illustrationist.

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