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Do you have any experience with such requests?

Any usual price range for custom logo license?

As announced over a year ago in this topic I have dropped iStock footage exclusivity contract. If you are curious how did it work out for me, please visit my blog

Garry Schyman - Praan (Life) [Wedding Episode 103]

You think I can find an acoustic royalty free version of this song? Where to look?

Can you imagine! Less than an hour between a message saying oh we have received your upload and an other message saying all of your files have been approved. I am blown away.

Back in a day when I was an exclusive istockphoto contributor I have witnessed inspection queue being a few months long, as well as only few days short. That being said my most recent istockphoto upload has been accepted after six weeks. This is what? Over a thousand times longer isn't it.

I had some more footage to submit tomorrow, but I am going to do this today! This is just the motivation I needed.

Adobe Stock / Fotolia actually pays up to 105% for pictures
« on: December 10, 2012, 09:49 »
Fotolia response to my question on how they calculate their payout for Contributors cashing out: 1 credit = $1.00 Current best offer is $0.74 a credit.

Let's do the math.

A picture cost, lets say, 30 credits. They say the highest possible photo royalty rate is 63%. Royalty may get as high as $18.90. Lowest possible price is $22,20. In such scenario you royalty is actually 85% of what the customer paid.

A video file cost, lets say, 75 credits. They say the highest possible video royalty rate is 49%. Royalty may get as high as $36.75. Lowest possible price is $55.5. In such scenario your royalty is actually 66%

Why not advertize it?

Other thoughts on

105% came with this reply

As of first October 2012 I am no longer an iStockphoto exclusive contributor, if youre curious how did it work out for my portfolio of 500 files, youll find statistical data, as well as my thoughts on the subject right here

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