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Hi folks,
I am selling stocks for more than 4 years and I don't upload very much. My total photos would be 600 in Shutterstock and like 500 in iStockphoto in this period my earnings are $750 and $250 respectively.
But believe me in the last 2 years I have not uploaded anything. Now I would like to be more active, make new photoshoots and upload.
To say the truth, I can sell 30 to 50 photos from Shutterstock per month which doesn't bring a lot profit.

A friend of mine told me to upload to Alamy. I don't know which way to go, what to do.
Can you please help me and throw a light to my way?
Shall I only upload to Shutterstock or shall I also go with Alamy too or any other sites?

Many thanks and kind regards,

General Stock Discussion / working with different agencies
« on: April 09, 2013, 10:40 »
Dear all,

I am almost new at microstock as I've started on Dec 2012 and I have 147 online files at iStockphoto and 190 at Shutterstock.... I also had files on fotolia and depositphotos but as the sales were too bad on these 2 sites, I've deleted my files and closed my accounts  (fotolia and depositphotos). Because every upload is a hard for for each site and if a site is selling 1-2 per month and at the end of the day you earn 0,20 - 0,50 USD,  it is not feasible.  Dreamstime is the same, I've 166 online ones but no sales there...

On the other hand,
Shutterstock is very nice... I'm selling 2-3 or 5 photos per day.... iStockphoto is so so , I can sell 2-3 images per week max. So I am currently working with istock and shutterstock.

Do you have any advices for other sites? Should I go with Alamy or any others?
How is your sales with others?

I would love to hear from your comments.

Thank you in advance & regards,

General Stock Discussion / Stock Application for Mac
« on: February 02, 2013, 08:12 »
Hi everyone,

I have a MacBookPro with OSX Mountain Lion.
I am a contributor in 5 different sites like istockphoto, fotolia, shutterstock,etc..

I am in need of a Mac application which I can track, upload, organize my photos...

Is there any app for Mac like this? Or shall we do everything in manual mode?

Thank you in advance,

General Stock Discussion / confused in some points
« on: January 24, 2013, 12:07 »

I am new at stock photography and confused in some points. Let me explain below and I really need your helps:

I only have an account at iStockphoto with 23 files online currently. But I want to be exclusive here after reaching to 250 downloads. Because of this idea, I have not signed into any other stock photography sites. Because I didn't want to divide myself into parts.

If you were me, what would you do?
1) Always go with one stock photography site and make a goal to be exclusive there?
2) go with 2-3 sites and when shutterstock or istockphoto reaches exclusivity level, be an exlusive in one of these...
3) Never be an exclusive and sell in different sites..
Which one will you take? (shall I take)

I have some model and property releases but signed in the format of iStockphoto. Will I able to use them in other sites like shutterstock or depositphotos, etc.?

Thank you in advance,
Alp from Istanbul

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