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I am a Shutterstock and IStock contributor, when I want to become IStock Exclusive, I know I must delete all my files in any other agent.

When I delete all my files in Shutterstock, How long those files will really to be deleted? Bigstockphoto will take three months, Shutterstock will also wait for three months?


I have become a Vectors/Illustrations Shutterstock contributor,

If I want to become a photographer Shutterstock contributor, I need Submit 10 images pending approval?


I am a Shutterstock and  iStock contributor, Can I sale my other photographs on GettyImages?

In other words, Can I sale defferent photographs on GettyImages and Shutterstock/iStock?

In addition, Can I delete Shutterstock/iStock photographs for sale them on GettyImages?


Can you give me some suggest?

I submited the application to GettyImages 3 days ago, but no result. ( Getty Images Contributor Services had reply to me, and said they would respond as soon as possible. They current estimated response time is 7-10 business days.)

Waiting for GettyImages? Or submit the application to become a Shutterstock contributor now?

Or Shutterstock and iStock application submitted at the same time now?  and the same picture upload to Shutterstock and iStock together?

This is my portfolio:

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