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Global Symbiostock Search at symbiostock.info can be used as a source of data. Developers can use it, for example, in smartphone applications or plugins. Search results are returned as XML files, compatible with data format used by all Symbiostock sites for network communication (and thats why every Symbiostock site can display network results from symbiostock.info).

More info here:


I noticed today, that several sites have empty files


These sites are:


I am trying to find the reason, so question to owners:
Did you install any new plugins lately?
If so, could you go to Symbiostock->network, check "Update public image info", click Save and try to examine that files, if they are still empty?
Then maybe deactivate any plugins you have installed, and try again.

If you are not familiar with these files:
To get them, simply type in your browser


something like in this example:

You should get long info about all your images.

Symbiostock - SEO & Marketing / Symbiostock Alamy plugin
« on: July 12, 2013, 09:14 »
My first, very simple plugin, for everyone having portfolio at Alamy, and wanting to increase visibility of images.

Symbiostock images are very high in Google results, and Alamy images are not visible at all.
Maybe you don't want to use Symbiostock for selling your Alamy images directly, but you can use it to index them in Google and direct customers to your Alamy portfolio.


More info and plugin here http://ajotte.com/alamy-plugin/

This plugin is free, but if you find it useful, and want to pay for it, just buy one of my images :)

It is easily customizable, you can replace Alamy to other site, or add more links.

First stable version (I hope so) is running here:


Every hour  if takes next site from the list, updated its images info, then searches for its network friends, and adds them to the list, if any new were found. If your site is running version 2.4.1 or earlier, there is a bug in theme code: images file can have only 24 images info (after daily update). To resolve this, you should update theme to current version, then wait for automatic daily update, or go to admin area, check "Update image info CSV" and Save. Then wait few hours, images should be found and indexed.

Now search works in this way:

"hot dog" will show only images having hot dog as single keyword.

hot dog will show images with hot dog as single keyword, then images with hot and dog as separate keywords.

There is no bread -> gingerbread, women->woman and similar yet.

Results from different sites are mixed randomly (every time images are refreshed, they get new random values, so order will change from time to time).

All images are displayed directly from your sites, when you click on them, you go to image page.

You can also add symbiostock.info as network site (needs 2.4.3 theme).

Please, report any problems, image missing, and search suggestions :)

Lately I have many registrations with weird user names and emails, for example f23z35ftk, lianacvv2e3z5k. I delete them, but sometimes there is hard to distinguish human from bot.
I was looking for plugin, that will show user activity: register date, last login (if any), pages visited. There are many plugins with various functions, but maybe you found something interesting?

Symbiostock - Development Area / Faster network search
« on: June 01, 2013, 12:13 »
I am testing faster network search code.

Now it runs without cache, to show difference in speed.

Example search:


It needs more tests and some adjustment, but I have a question:
Can sites be displayed in random order?
(maybe not random exactly, simply results which came first, will go up, it prefers sites with better connection at the moment)
Or maybe do you want order to be exactly as sites on network list?
This sometimes can be much slower, especially when first sites from network list respond slowly.
Maybe make it as option, what do you think?

I didn't notice it before, because I used Imagick to resize images on my old server and there was no "banding". Now I moved my site to new host and  can use Symbiostock without modifications. It is visible only on white  surface.
My site may be sometimes down in next hours, so examples not mine:



I discovered big problem (now only to me I suppose, but in future to others too) with "All images" list in admin area.

With 486 images uploaded (337 published, 149 draft), after clicking on "All images" , I saw "Allowed memory size exhausted" error in wordpress file meta.php. This error is well known, I modified one function (added $wpdb->flush(); ) and got about 5MB free memory, but  I made some calculations, and it will be only for about 250 next photos. Wordpress consumes huge amount of memory for cache, where it holds all info of every photo in the list. I may be wrong, but icreasing php memory to 128MB should allow to upload about 4000 images, and this problem will occur again. 256MB will be enough for about 8000 images.

Leo: Maybe it could be possible to force Wordpress not to hold everything in memory or "All images" list can be displayed partially somehow? When I choose only published or only draft files, memory usage is much lower, only for files selected. So, maybe some kind of range select, dates from-to, but set before "All images" clicking?
Or maybe load into memory info only about  images visible on page, and next portion after clicking on next and so on :)

Edit: memory usage is growing much faster, than i calculated earlier. After processing 20 new images (337 published and 169 drafts now) all 5 MB were used. So, I suppose that on servers with 256MB memory, this problem should occur with ~1000 images on the list :)

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