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Sorry, removed as no longer actually relevant.

Microstock Services / Microstock Plus Orange/pink bars?
« on: December 08, 2019, 01:55 »
Hey guys, long time stock veteran but new to Microstock Plus

Can't find info on the relevance of the 'orange and pink' bars below thumbnails.

See attached pic

Any info appreciated.

General Stock Discussion / Better understanding editorial
« on: April 16, 2013, 10:47 »
Some years back (before digital) I spent a few weeks touring Scotland photographing castles.  This was at the time just a pet project as I am a bit of a history buff.

When I started uploading to agencies I submitted some images of famous buildings (certain London landmarks) where the building was the main focus of the shot, not just part of a landscape.  The images were rejected as I did not have Property Releases (Yes I did submit them as RF)

I have read so much now on property releases on different sites, and some of them seem contradictory,  that I'm now slightly confused.

So am I right to understand that if you upload an image of a copyrighted building, for example the Chrysler in New York, that as long as it is uploaded as an editorial image only and not RF then all is well in the world?

Thanks in advance for clearing things up?

I will start by saying that I am not exclusive to anyone so I have no idea whether or not that would help promote images on any site.

Now to my main ponderance,  I have portfolios with 15 agencies from the bigger players to some of the newbie agencies.

I have noticed that of thes 15 that 5 of them produce on average over $200 per month, 4 of them approx $100 per month, 1 of them approx $50 per month and the rest are lucky if produce $10 per month.

Now it takes just as much effort to maintain databases with agencies that don't produce as is does for the ones that do produce.  So my question is do you think it is worth maintaining portfolios with agencies that seem to have no sales?

By dropping the 5 agencies that don't produce sufficiently I could save over 10 hours per week uploading, tagging, adding releases etc.  Time I personally feel could be better spent developing portfolios on producing sites therefor I am considering removing my portfolio from the non-producers.

What are your thoughts?  (and please do not state the obvious of $10 per month is better than nothing, I am looking for solid debates)
All the best  ;)

I will start by saying if I have posted in the wrong forum I apologize, still learning my way around here.  ???

As well all know it's nice to see image sales but also nice to see how the end user has applied our images so with that in mind I have found a useful little way to use Google Chrome to track where my images are used - this has also proved useful to track 'Non Authorized Usage'

Here we go - Step 1: Open your Google Chrome browser and your folder containing your stock images side by side:

Step 2: Select 'Image Search' on Chrome and type in your name - the result should pull up a bunch of your pictures (do note it may just pull up all kinds of random stuff not related to you but that does not matter)

Step 3: Click and hold on an image in your stock file and drag it over to the top of the Chrome search results (The box saying place image here will pop up)  Drop your image in the box

Step 4: Look through the results (you will of course see all the agencies representing the image) but also any internet references for the image

Step 5: Follow the yellow brick road - look through the links to see how your images are used.

A neat and quick way to track your images for your tear sheets, hope you find this useful.

Peace to all.  8)

Dreamstime.com / Dreamstime Keyword Service
« on: April 01, 2013, 14:23 »
Hey all,

I have been on SS for quite a long time now and have a port of around 900 images with them.  Some of them (and not the strongest ones at that) are selling well whilst some of my stronger images (from composition and aesthetic view point) have achieved one sale  in 5 years.

I think my key-wording is pretty good but still not getting the hits, also very low views compared to similar images by other photographers.

I know that SS has a key-word service for 60 cents per picture and I am considering using it for a few of my low performers.

Has anyone else used it? Any input?

Thanks in advance for any advice. :D

Microstock News / Absoltuvision - Help - Warning!
« on: March 28, 2013, 12:18 »
Hey all, this is my first post to your forumso if I am posting in the wrong section I entrust the mods will forgive a newb error!

I am looking for information about absolutvision.com

The reason is as follows, throughout the past few years I have actively contributed to several stock agencies but then I was out of action for almost a year (hospitalization)

By the time I got out and back on the net my old yahoo email I used had been deactivated due to lack of login so I lost all my old emails.

I contacted all 15 agencies explaining my issue and 14 of them responded and assisted extremely well withing 24 hours, the only one that didn't was absolutvision.

Now a fortnight later and whenever I try to contact them through their contact form it goes to the classic ERROR 404 page.  Also their facebook and twitter and links are inactive so there is no way to contact them now.

They are still actively showing and selling my images but I am feeling pretty ignored, almost to the point of passing it to my lawyer due to the simple matter of if I'm not receiving royalties from them I wish to revoke my permissions for them to represent me.

Any thoughts or help contacting these people would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers in advance, D

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