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1 / 20 Million new files on IS in 2014?
« on: January 16, 2014, 00:10 »
I thought things were out of control over at SS, but some people have calculated that IS is accepting 400k images a week right now. For 3 years before 2013 they averaged 3 million new files. 2013 they accepted 9 million and at the rate they are going this year, they will add 20 million new files in 2014! Somehow I don't seem them double or tripling their sales to keep up with the influx of new files. Seeing how older images still reign supreme, I don't see the point of uploading new images until they figure out a way for new files to get downloads...

2 / iStock accepts almost any image now?
« on: January 13, 2014, 12:06 »
If you aren't following my saga. I was in iStock from the beginning and always had a small portfolio. Took a few years off pursuing other things and now have more free time to shoot and upload. I have uploaded a fair amount of images (for me) in the past few weeks. Zero rejections. Over on SS, I am getting a few rejections where they used to take just about anything. Also, acceptance times are measured in minutes and not the weeks it took a couple of years ago. What is the rationale behind accepting everything? The downside is that none and I mean NONE of the images have even had a single view. Some are going on two months being live. It's like everything that has been uploaded in the past year or so is put on ice and not getting downloads while my images from back in 2005 get constant downloads... argh!

3 / Best Match heavily favoring Exclusives?
« on: December 12, 2013, 14:37 »
Sorry if I am a little late to the party. As I mentioned before I've re-engaged in my portfolio with more time on my hands but it's been a good 3 years since I've uploaded anything... I am exclusive on IS but I used to be on SS, DT and Alamy.

I just did a simple search on IS for the world "flower". Had 800,000+ hits on that keyword. Just for photos, no video or illustrations. I had to scroll down to the 24th image to get to the non-exclusive image. Which I like cuz I'm exclusive, but that image was going for 1/10th the cost as the Exclusive images. I looked at my own portfolio and most of mine aren't up that high but why would I spend 10x more on an image when I can download a non-exclusive or so cheap? Is that what is killing all the exclusive earnings? I feel like a noob... been away too long...

I started uploading to iStock back in 2004... well actually that date is wrong. I originally signed up to istock back in 2004. Got pissed off that I ddin't make the cut and came back in 2005... but still a long time. uploaded hundreds of images for about 3 years and then downloads dried up and my personal job situation changed. I kept tabs on the money but was super anemic. I've been exclusive since about 2008 because I couldn't feed the beast at Shutterstock and Dreamstime which seem to favor new uploads.

A couple of things have changed in the past few months. I've had my best year in like 5 years. I'm getting downloads all over my portfolio. I guess I've been with IS so long that I am getting a large chunk of the money for downloads and I have a couple of Vetta images that get frequent downloads and pay really well.

I've started uploading again, and I haven't had a single rejection yet which is strange and then I poked around here and it seems like IS is taking just about everything they can. I saw a couple of portfolios that reminded me of Alamy. Just thousands of random snapshots with with few downloads.

What do others see? Is IS taking everything these days? Seems like they are favoring old images over new. Exclusives over non? Thoughts?

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