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I have been a photo contributor at ShutterStock for over four years and have never had any problems using the same model release for myself when I use myself for photo projects... until now. Now every image I upload with myself in it where I use the same model release I've always used, gets rejected for Invalid Model Release. I even redid my model release and put "SELF PORTRAIT" in big red letters at the top as I had to do for Getty, but same thing... rejections. what? This is maddening! Anyone else running into this insanity at ShutterStock? Any clues as to what is going on with this issue?

Ever get a big sale at Fotolia, but can't see it in your Sales stats? My credits jumped by 90 credits sometime early this morning, but I do not see it in my Sales stats. Is there someplace else other than Sales stats that would show an extended license sale? Is this possibly a mistake since I can't see it in my sales stats? Thanks for the help/advice!

Has anyone heard of this site at  ?

I found one of my images for sale on this site when I did a reverse image search on Google. I believe it's a site in Poland. Hopefully it is an affiliate of one of the stock sites I sell my images on. SS, FT, iStock and DT. Any info would be helpful. Many thanks!

I was exclusive at DT for almost 4 years and have been doing great there. Went non-exclusive with DT and am now on ShutterStock, Fotolia and iStock and have been slowly getting my port up on them. My Fotolia and ShutterStock sales immediately took off and have been fantastic, especially ShutterStock! But iStock sales stink! Maybe a couple a week. Yes, my port on iStock is small with just a couple hundred images, but the same files on ShutterStock are selling 5-10 images A DAY!! What's the deal with iStock? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

This just started happening yesterday... when I'm uploading an image to iStock and I hit the "Proceed" button after browsing to the photo I'm uploading, I get an error warning message that says this "Although this page is encrypted, the information you have entered is to be sent over an unencrypted connection and could easily be read by a third party.
Are you sure you want to continue sending this information?"

Is anyone else getting this message? Is it something serious and I shouldn't upload images until this is resolved?

I asked this question on the iStock forum and the question mysteriously disappeared from the forum.

This forum helped me on an iStock question last week! Sooooooo... Is there someplace in my iStock account that shows whether my tax documentation has been accepted or not?

I did the Tax Interview all the way through about four weeks ago. But there wasn't any confirmation provided.

Thanks for the help!

I was accepted as a contributor on iStock a few months ago and have a few sales. But I can't seem to find an easy way to see what images have sold, other than going through my portfolio and looking at each image. Not a big deal right now as I only have 69 images up, but it will be a pain in the rear end when I have hundreds of images up. Where in the world is the web page in my account that simply shows what images have sold and for how much?

I've been through the site over and over and can't find it. Thanks for the help!!

Does iStock accept DreamsTime model releases? Thanks for the info!

I've been a contributing photographer to DT for many years and I know the reviewers try to review as many images as possible as quickly as possible. DT would occasionally reject an image with a reason that was not true. But Fotolia takes the cake on this issue! Some of my best sellers on DT are getting rejected on Fotolia for Too Much Noise or not being at least 4 MP - stuff that is completely untrue. Has anyone experienced this with Fotolia? And to combat this has anyone re-uploaded a previously rejected image and got it accepted at Fotolia?

Thanks for the info. I must say I'm completely shocked that a reputable microstock agency would reject images that could make them a lot of money!

Fotolia - how many photos can I upload per day at Fotolia? I just started uploading last week. I have 9 photos accepted. But I have a decent sized portfolio and I'd like to upload about 50 photos a day for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully I can upload that many a day. Thanks in advance for your helpful info on this topic!

I have been an exclusive contributor on DreamsTime for almost four years and need to make more money on my portfolio so I am going to try and get on the top 9 microstock sites. Can I use DT model releases on SS, iStock, Fotolia, 123RF and others? I sent this question to SS about a week ago, but have not heard anything back from them. Thanks for the info!

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