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Hello, am I the only one having problems with online dating sites using my photos?
Some agencies do prohibit this type of usage, as it's a personal matter (it may look like the person depicted is using an online dating service and if he/she is in a relationship it could be embarassing at the very least). Other agencies don't put this in the "sensitive use" list, so there's no restriction.

One of my models has found a photo of him on an ad for plentyoffish, I tried contacting them several times on several email addresses but never got a response.

Hi everyone, I think it should be a requirement to link to if one wants to be included in the global search engine, otherwise those websites will only receive and receive and not give anything back to the community. Or, if they choose to "go solo", they shouldn't be added to the global search engine either.

a quick question: I haven't added to my network, yet it appears both on my network page and in my search results. How come?

Is it possible to have 2 photographers on the same Symbiosite, each with his/her own Paypal account?
What would it take to achieve this?

I've created a new Symbiosite, but it has a problem that will make it unusable if I keep adding photos.
I mostly have People pictures, about 800, and if I click on People category they don't get divided in small pages, they all end up in a huge page.
The same happens in admin area, so the All Images page will stop working when it reaches a certain number of photos, I guess it will time out.

Please help!


my new website is , I'm still populating it with my images (I have 1200 to upload now)

I'd like to add a few similar symbio sites, dealing mainly with people images.
Anyone interested?

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