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iStockPhoto.com / Istock Custom iam so excited
« on: June 29, 2018, 17:16 »
Great news!
Standard royality for exclusive work on demand!
@Istock:  ;D

iam from europe but most of my income is payed in us dollar.
To save some fees i would like to pay my flighttickets in $ and with Paypal.

Someone knows sites that are suitable (paypal/us dollar/foreign customer)?

Ab sofort knnen wir Mitglieder selbst bequem online Abstimmen und damit den diesjhrigen Auszahlungsstop verhindern.
Post von der VG-Bildkunst mit den ntigen Unterlagen trifft heute oder in den nchsten tagen ein.



Ich frage mich die ganze Zeit warum der alte Verteilungsplan auer Kraft gesetzt wird bevor ein neuer existiert.
Wre es nicht sinnvoller nach dem alten Verteilungsplan auszuschten bis der Neue einsatzbereit ist.
Und warum wird nichts bekannt ber den neuen Verteilungsplan?
Und hier die Abstimmungspunkte:
Gegenstand der Abstimmung Verschiebung der Verteilung "Privatkopie Digital" auf 2018 und Ergnzung der Meldepflicht bei Honorarmeldungen


Email from DP:

Dear Contributor,

Would you like to improve your search engine ranking on Depositphotos? We invite you to take part in our "Free File Program".

A selection of your files will be offered as free downloads in a special section of our site for one month. Every download helps increase your ranking, and encourages customers to view your portfolio and browse through your works!

All you need to do is to send us an email at [email protected] with the subject "Free File Program", and mention how many files you are ready to provide for participation in the program.. The final selection of files will be made by the Depositphotos Content Team.

Join our promo program, increase your search ranking on Depositphotos, and earn more!

Depositphotos Team


Envato / ENVATO EU VAT is not reported in the authors name
« on: December 18, 2015, 04:06 »

Envato is responsible for determining, collecting and remitting VAT for all Envato Market purchases from EU buyers.

Envato will report the VAT collection and remittance to the relevant EU member state authorities using our EU MOSS VAT registration.

sounds good but then: :o

For clarity, EU VAT is not reported in the authors name, and we do not require author VAT registration numbers or details.


I dont know if it is possible/legal and the contributor not having to pay more VAT in his own name.
What do youb think is that legal for european contributors?


Symbistock is now owned by a single person. Goodbye independence!
Even if it should be successful it is now easy for the big Agencies to buy Symbiostock and close it.

I think Symbiostock now is death.

Selling Stock Direct / Where can I get the license text?
« on: May 06, 2015, 04:51 »
I look for my self hosting setup on wordpress basis.
Where can I get the international license texts?
The problem must actually have many.

Selling Stock Direct / Finding the best self hosting setup
« on: May 05, 2015, 11:25 »
I am searching for the best setup for self hosting in the EU.

- stability
- Best available independence
- legal certainty / Vat Solution
- Regular updates
- Free as far as possible

After my previous research meets the following setup the requirements best:

1. Wordpress
2. WooCommerce
3. WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance Plug in

Next, I want the whole test with XAMPP offline on desktop PC.
Does anyone have this setup running or other good alternatives?

I activate some of my images 2 months ago to reach the payout limit.

Over a year ago DP confirmed that my Files will removed from partner programm and API re-seller.

Today i find my images on http://www.ibudgetphoto.com/ via DP (search with image-number). :o

It's unbelievable they do what they want. :(

Envato sees himself only as a platform between the contributor (seller) and buyers.

- This means you are seller and every buyer needs an invoice from the contributor.

- "When you sell on Envato Market, you are selling to the buyer via our platform. Therefore the whole sale is income you should recognize with      an expense (our author fee)".

- Envato automatically writes bills on behalf of the contributors to the buyer.
http://codecanyon.net/forums/thread/new-statements-invoices-february-1st-2015/159252?page=7 (Web-Wizards post)

You can read it in the envato forum (post from collis):


I'll probably get off at Envato....

Hello, I find the idea of Symbiostock great!
I would love to also join Symbiostock with my own Website.

Unfortunately Symbiostock can not be used in any country.
For example in Germany, there are legal problems.
This makes it impossible to operate Symbisotock in Germany quite safe.
Because I would have to operate the Symbiostock-Website under German law.
Because I live in germany.

However, if a "Symbiostock Agency" would be my franchised partner for example,
in the United States could avoid all these problems and U.S. law would apply.

It would be possible, in addition to individual contributors websites to establish a Symbiostock-Agency with a fair price?
This could then feed the images to a fair payment also in the Symbiostock-Network.

I think that would solve the problems of many european contributors
and would massively increase the potential of Symbiostock.

Sorry english is not my native language.

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