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iStockPhoto.com / Getty Connect In Deep Meta
« on: February 21, 2019, 05:03 »
I was wondering if anyone might happen to know what "Connect" refers to under Type on the Statements Tab in Deep Meta?

If you look under where it says Items for Connect it shows a number that appears to represent a number of downloads, but I am not sure.

Normally the figure has been very low, so I never paid much attention to it, but I saw a spike in the Connect number on the December 2018 Statement, so it has me curious now.

Shutterstock.com / Opting In To Video Only
« on: July 14, 2015, 08:46 »
I have an existing account portfolio with some photos in it on Shutterstock, but currently they are not online for sale and the account is just dormant. I would like to keep the photos offline, but start putting some videos online eventually instead.

Attached is a screen shot of how I have set the opting in and opting out in my account.

I would like to know if I am opted into Footage only if it will still keep my photos from going back online?

Also, could I opt into Extended License sales for Footage or is that only for Photo sales?

Thanks for any clarification that you might be able to offer on this.

I am trying to understand what kind of video files Shutterstock actually delivers to a buyer. I realize you just upload your high-res files for video and they do the rest, but I am looking at the buyer video download options on a video on the site and it says the following:

1 - On the 1080 HD size video it says it is an MJPEG file, but if I am not mistaken that is just the Codec being used and is not saying anything about the container or file format. Would that be fair to assume it is a MOV file that was created with the MJPEG codec?

2 - On both the Web and Low Res file size options it says that the files are MOV, but I am looking at one video as an example which is 30 seconds long and for the 852 x 480 video size it says the file size is only 24.8MB. That seems very small for a MOV file to me of a video of that length and resolution. Does anyone happen to know which codec they are using to create these MOV files that brings the MOV file size down so low?

If perhaps Shutterstock has a link somewhere that explains all of this that would be great to see too. But I did some Googling and didn't find anything I am afraid.

iStockPhoto.com / Is iStock Removing Files From S+?
« on: August 06, 2014, 07:09 »
Did iStock possibly make some sort of recent announcement where they said they would start removing some under performing files from the S+ collection and transferring them into the regular S collection?

I am asking because I noticed I have recently lost a large number of my S+ files. I am assuming they are now regular S files, but I am not exactly sure. I also noticed a small increase in the total number of my GI files. 

Normally the number of S+ files should equal the number of GI files, but I have a divergence here. The number of my S+ files are going down and the number of my GI files are going up. The two totals are vastly different now and I don't quite understand what is possibly happening here.

Any thoughts please?

I dont know when the article on the link below was published as it has no date, nor do I know how current these figures are, but according to the chart on this site (when you scroll down) Shutterstock is earning about double what iStock is earning and Dreamstime has pulled slightly ahead of iStock now too.

Not good news for iStock exclusives who have all their eggs in the iStock basked without the ability to earn from the sites which appear to be bringing in greater miscrostock photo revenues than iStock.


iStockPhoto.com / Dropping The Crown?
« on: May 06, 2014, 00:55 »
Hi - I am new here, but not new to iStock. I have been an iStock contributor for nearly 8 years and have been an exclusive contributor for most of that time. I am quite seriously thinking about dropping my crown now for the first time. What I am curious about is how people who have dropped the crown in the last couple of years are fairing as independent contributors at this point.

I have read some conjecture on the iStock site in the exclusive contributor forum about how remaining exclusive is the best way to go and how you won't be able to replace the income so easily as an independent, but that is all opinions coming from exclusive contributors who only know what it is like from the perspective of being exclusive. On the other hand, I have not seen any actual stories from people who have dropped the crown and as to how they are really doing.

What I did find though is an interesting ongoing blog post from an independent contributor who has been shooting and uploading since about 2005. His blog post tracks his total monthly income for nearly the last 10 years and shows how it has steadily increased year by year. I looked at his portfolio on a number of stock sites and learned he has a bit over 10,000 images online on the other 3 of the Big 4 sites, and only a small portfolio on iStock with only about 1,300 images on iStock. So iStock isn't and never has been a major source of his stock income it would appear, yet he seems to have done fine without it.

So his story is quite positive. The question is are there other success stories like this from independents who dropped the crown on iStock? And are they at least doing as good as they were on iStock or perhaps better or worse?

I would appreciate any real life feedback people might be willing to share.

Cheers to all,


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