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I am new to the group.  :)

I decided this year (year two of a five year plan) to 'put my images out there' and have them start generating income. I am a design / media teacher, so I have lots of time to devote to my side business when school is out.

I posted a thread on LinkedIn a few weeks ago which led very quickly to a contract offer from Corbis. Robert Harding UK also seems interested, as is All Canada Photos.

FotoArabia is also interested in my Middle East portfolio from last year - but they are RF.

Reading the Corbis contract, I would be committing to a three year deal (option of exclusive, co-exclusive or non-exclusive) with a three year survival clause after termination. So a six year deal.

Since I have a small collection, almost no experience in selling stock, and the changed nature of the image market in recent years - do you think that signing the Corbis deal is a good strategy?



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