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"Hi ----------------------,
Over the past year, weve been hard at work trying to deliver what youve been asking for - a better, bigger Member Library with more high-quality content. So far, weve:
Increased the size of the Member Library by 10x
Improved our search algorithms
Added more relevant curated content with collections and trending topics
However, there was one thing that most of you disliked - the pay-per-clip Marketplace.
You told us that you didn't want to see pay-per-clip content on our site that wasn't included in your subscription

Less than 5% of you ever purchased from the Marketplace
So on September 10th, we will be closing down the pay-per-clip Marketplace for good."

I laughed all day....never told them that i disliked marketplace  :o

General Stock Discussion / Anyone selling footage on ?
« on: November 16, 2018, 00:34 »
I received this email and I wonder if it is worth the effort. Earnings in advance !??

Sorry to bother you. I am
Ronan, an overseas operation specialist from 100wa team located in Shanghai, China. ( is an online marketplace for video effects and stock footage.

We are already experienced in running a royalty free music marketplace ( It is very successful, and many big companies in China cooperate with us.

Now we are wondering if we could have the honor to have you selling your works on 100wa.

*Earnings in Advance* We encourage new authors through our Earnings in Advance
campaign. You can get your future earnings (up to USD 3,000!) as long as you have uploaded a certain amount of items within the specified period. The uploader is very handy, and you start earning in no time.
More about earnings in advance:

Our primary market is the Asian area, and the potential buying power is impressive. To help authors selling better we provide Chinese localization for titles, description and tags written in English. Also, we do the pricing for you, and it is pretty high. Authors can choose to be an exclusive, China-exclusive or non-exclusive provider, with an *80%*, *65%* or *50%* share of the sales.

We believe that your works will be popular on

To learn more about pricing:
To become an author:

If you have any question, please feel free to let me know.

General Stock Discussion / Clipcanvas hacked ??
« on: April 17, 2018, 01:42 »
I see this message when I enter clipcanvas...Jessus

Software / After Effects technical question
« on: March 11, 2018, 11:30 »
Is there anyway to export a video with transparent background and keep the transparency grid as a reference background for the alpha channel,instead of having black, white or any other color in the output video ?? In other words I need that transparency grid in the output of my clips    
and also preserve transparency.

General Photography Discussion / Graphicstock portfolio
« on: August 19, 2017, 05:18 »
Question : How can i see my Graphicstock portofolio through my Videoblocks account ?    
They have accepted hundreds of my pictures and not see them ... only video or it is not available until sep 18 !?

Unfortunately, there is never a good time to end a business, especially one that has been around
almost 10 years as RevoStock has. I started RevoStock in 2006, excited about bringing the
microstock idea to the world of video. Along the way, Revo brought many firsts including the
first site to succesfully ofier both audio and video, the first site to sell Alter Eflects Templates
and the first site to offer FlexFile custom encoding. We stayed a small company but were able to
grow fast in spite of the fact that we did not have any outside funding.

However, staan in 2012, our struggle with a Patent Troll (a company that buys or acquires
broad patents they can use to sue as many companies as possible) was the beginning of a very
difficult period our small company simply was not able to rebound from. While the lawsuit was
dismissed after 2 years, the scars left from this struggle made it equally difficult to get the
funding we needed to recover and thus continue growing and innovating. Ifyou are not familiar
with the unfair damage Patent Trolls are causing to small companies like ours, I encourage you
to watch John Olivers (HBO) recent piece unmasking the ways Patent Trolls kill small
businesses and stifle innovation.

I am deeply grateful to our talented producers who, following this suit, gave us a chance at
recovery and I am very sorry we were not able to see it through Thank you so much for your
talent. I know how much time, effort and trust you have put into me and RevoStock and while I
labored until the end to deliver a solution, I deeply regret that it wasnt possible. I am also
thankful to all of the customers who have supported us all these years and come to us for your
stock media needs. Thank you so much for choosing us. It has been an honor to serve you and

interact with you. The last few months have been rocky for us and I hope our reputation might
stand on our previous nine years of service.

We are currently working on securing a partnership for both our RevoStock producers and
customers with one of the many other quality media marketplaces that will honor your current
relationship with RevoStock in the best way possible. We will be sending out an email to this
effect as soon as there are more details to be had.

- Craig Lillard (Founder, RevoStock)

General Stock Discussion / 123RF (Refund for another download)
« on: August 05, 2015, 01:04 »
Today 123RF refunded someone who bought one of my clips, five days ago. For the first time it happens to me and and I want to know how it works !?
So, someone buys a clip use it and after 5 days, realizes that it doesn't fit with his/her project and ask for a refund (for another download).

With the latest update to its Penguin algorithm, Google has sunk the entire stock market.
As you noticed sales have dropped dramatically in the past few weeks(almost on all agencies) and all i can see it is a huge buzz in the stock marketing world.

Most agencies are trying a new look more friendly for their "daddy" google , others have already operated a sum of changes and comfortable waiting their Daddy's to send them clients...
At this moment I see chaos all over the place and I don't know when things will rearrange.

What do you think?

My files have been uploaded to ftp but nothing happens !?? are not processed...
Is there anyone having the same issue ?

General - Stock Video / New price management for Revostock
« on: October 07, 2014, 05:58 »
I'm a video producer to Revo with over 1700 video files and with no sale in two months...
My current price management : HD1080 = 50$; HD720=40$; SD=35$; LWR=30$; SWR=30$...
Expect tips for a new price management ....thank u

General Stock Discussion / Revostock has a new look
« on: September 17, 2014, 12:42 »
Revostock has a new look ...what do u think !?

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