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Tired of wasting time uploading your photos ? Easy Stock has been designed to streamline and manage the process of uploading photos to microstock agencies, boosting your productivity almost tenfold.

You can see a complete demo of how it works at this address:

If you are selling your photos to microstock agencies you probably know how lengthy and bothersome the uploading process can be; it doesn't matter wether you use your browser or FTP. And the time needed grows with the number of agencies you're working with: the more agencies you work with, the more time you need to upload to each site. Without considering that you have to deal with different interfaces at each site.

Here are some Easy Stock key features:

- Simple one-click upload to one or more microstock agencies
- No hidden subscription fees: just buy the app and you're set to go. It's a one-time cost, with free upgrades forever
- Easily keep track of what images have been uploaded and where
- Diagnose potential problems before upload (missing metadata or image resolution not sufficient)
- Search through your uploads archive
- Store your acces credentials for each agency once, and keep uploading with just one click
- Maximum privacy, no sensitive data is sent to the cloud. The only thing that goes out of your computer is your photos straight to the agency's web site like you would normally do
- Easily upload image batches of tens or even hundreds of pictures to multiple agencies with one click; you can leave your computer to work overnight
- Quick access to the management page for each agency; with one click your can check if your pictures are ready for final review

Thanks to Easy Stock you can focus on preparing your images for submission rather than the submission itself, drastically reducing the time dedicated to this phase.
You can decide, with just a few clicks, what images are uploaded to what agencies. You can even set an upload batch an let your Mac do all the work while you keep editing photos, or overnight.
And if you decide to work with a new agency, just selected the pictures you didn't upload yet and upload them in a single click.
Finally, there are no hidden costs or subscription services: buy the app and start using it for as long as you like !

You can download Easy Stock from the Mac App store:

The price ? It's costing the price of a few SD cards, and probably since day one it will pay for itself !

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