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iStockPhoto.com / New contributor payment query
« on: June 11, 2015, 13:08 »
Hi - wonder if you could give me some advice as a newbie to iStock and Getty et al.

I had a photo published in The Statesman, an Indian newspaper with a circulation of 180,000. It is credited with "Getty Images". www.thestatesman.com/news/world/egypt-saudi-arabia-agree-on-joint-military-drill/57812.html

iStock are saying that my payment for this is 28 cents.

This would mean that as a newbie they would (in theory) have sold this to the newspaper for $1.86.

I find this rather suspect - I know photos go cheap these days - but $1.86?

When I queried this (after 8 tickets and much obfuscation) I was informed "Please note that your images are not on gettyimages.com and are therefore not subject to the prices on gettyimages.com. As a non-exclusive contributor, your files would be available for license on iStock.com and thinkstock.com. The files in quetsion were purchased for $0.28 via image subscription on istock.com. It sounds like the copyright credit used on the image is what is causing confusion. The proper credit for an editorial image is: iStock.com/Sans-Film but since we are a division of Getty, clients have used the credit "Getty Images" instead. Additionally, a select group of premium Getty clients have a premium access login where they login to one Getty property (what we call GettyPlus) and can access all content on istock.com, thinkstock.com and gettyimages.com in one place, which may also be another reason they used credit "Getty Images".

Just wondered whether, in your experience, this information is correct and that the princely sum of 28 cents is all I am due for this shot for this usage?

I'd appreciate your thoughts - thanks

iStockPhoto.com / Search results
« on: June 09, 2015, 10:39 »
Hi - when doing a search, at the top where it says "Most popular - this month, this year, all time" - is the result shown for sales or views?


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