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« on: November 21, 2021, 06:45 »
 Someone changed my payment address in my account and my money was sent to that address by Getty Image. I contacted Getty Images Contributor Services but they did nothing to help me.
 10 days since the last email and no reply and no money and no action from Getty Images Contributor Services side!!!
 Today I had to change payment address myself to my correct  Payoneer address, otherwise they would pay to the fraud address again!!!

Recently I have received an email:

With this email, we confirm that we have received your request for the payment of your royalties. 77.76 GBP will shortly be wired to Paypal address [email protected].
Best regards,

 [email protected]. is not my email address!!!
Someone trying to steal my money!!!

I have sent an email to Ingram support, hope the will be able to fix this problem!

Check you emails and Ingram (SignElements) accounts guys, maybe you have the same problem

General Stock Discussion / Clipdealer No Payment
« on: February 18, 2019, 02:52 »
Hi everyone!
How to make Clipdealer to pay? More than two months and many emails with no answers since I've requested payment from Clipdealer. How to get money from them?

HI, everyone!
For more than 4 months I waiting for payment from Stockxpert. I've written many letters to support but received only "please be patient we gonna pay very soon...." Now they even stopped to answer my letters! Four months and still no money on my account! Have someone faced with the same problem, and what to do in this case?

General Stock Discussion / Istock tax
« on: June 22, 2016, 07:48 »
Anyone could give me an advice how to get back overpaid taxes on Istock? For about a year Istock have been taking 30% taxes from US sales. I'm Ukrainian and have to pay only 10%. So now I wondering how to get back overpaid taxes.Anyone could give me an advice how to get back overpaid taxes on Istock? For about a year Istock took 30% taxes from US sales. I'am Ukrainian and have to pay only 10%. So now I wondering how to get back overpaid taxes.

6 / Can not receive money from Stockxpert
« on: May 22, 2016, 23:29 »
About two month I can not receive money from Stockxpert. I've sent many letters to support but had no result. At first they promised me to send money as soon as possible, but now they even don't answered to me! Probably somebody can give me an advice how to get my money?

7 / Panthermedia don't wants to pay!!!
« on: March 26, 2013, 23:02 »
Already 2 months I can not receive money from Panthermedia. In January Panthermedia staff promised me to send my earnings to my Moneybookers account, but I still haven't received money!
I have sent many letters to Panthermedia but they don't answering me!!!
What to do? how to get money from them?

8 / alamy staff's mistake leaded to my payment reduce
« on: January 16, 2011, 14:18 »
For the second Alamy's staff issued payment to my bank account with the wrong details of payment despite all my warnings about possible refuse to receive it from the side of my Ukrainian bank. The thing is that they used to write "Alamy payment" and my bank demands to fill the payment details with "honorarium, salary, royalties etc."
When the payment from Alamy had returned for the first time I lost $30 as a regular bank commission for the payment return. The next time Alamy staff made the same mistake and again I lost the next $30...
I had a long emailing with Alamy and finally got my payment but still missing $60. My letter to Alamy Financial Controller with the demand to pay $60 back as this loss was caused by Alamy left without answer.

Should I take additional measures instead of emailing to Alamy Financial Controller in order to compensate my loss?

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