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Alamy partnered with Pond 5 for that.
They mention they already offer over 6 million videos.
Now, the sentence they are using is Premium Stock Video.
Is this just a marketing name, meaning curated and selected ones?
I went to search under my alias and I see there are already available both exclusive and non-exclusive videos I have uploaded to Pond 5.
There is also no indication we can directly upload videos to Alamy.
At the Alamy video search page, the contributors name is visible next to the Photographer tab.
As for the price, it varies depending in Standard or Enhanced starting form 48 pounds for an HD clip.
Could someone please share what is the cut we get and how is it calculated?
Do we hope we added a new source of video income or do we hope to get the same video sale directly via Pond 5, so we get the percentage we opted in for, setting our own price?,1RATF,6H6LNF,61ERS,1

Let's start from the end:
I am now uploading a series of new videos.
This means they are not uploaded to a single other agency, yet.
I set my own prices manually.
When I go to preview the clips (not reviewed yet) they already appear at 50 % down.
This also covers the answer that they might match prices.
The latest videos are not available at any other agency.
If I go to double the prices, they appear to the price tag I wish them to be.
In fact my latest two sales this week were at the prices I saet them to be.
It would just be simpler they come out and tell us we are not to be allowed to set our own prices anymore.
This price ladder game only tires us going up and down, setting new prices again and again.
Idedally Pond 5 would come out with a brief reply and explanation but not doing that is not doing justice to their past and credibility.
Please do not attempt to reply with just witty comments that do not add to the conversation.
Naturally I am not dictating you how to reply but I do not come here spending my time writing to feel better.
It will not and I do need the publicity.
I am just seeking for a logical answer to a stock world that I do not know if it is sane anymore.

I could start writing in a pompous way, instead I choose to just report the facts.
I wrote to Yay via my Gmail to their official email, yet they never responded.
Ok, I then used the form at their webpage and they finally responded.
I am not disclosing the details, I am just summarizing the correspondence in my own words.
I wanted to know why they are rejecting all my latest editorial photos (about 100 latest) one after another for: mark/unmark editorial.
They responded at first, I might have too many similar pics and should upload my best ones.
I dont know about best ones; I know that I was the only one to offer them local editorials.
I asked again what is wrong, how do they want me to upload, what is the mistake also asking they should give me an example based on my rejected uploaded ones about how I should upload the pics.
Is it my titling or they just do not want any more pics form me?
It would be much simpler if they told me so.
My earnings there are not enough to make me have second thoughts about it.
I still fail to understand why they have still not responded.
I am still trying to be positive and think they are busy and neglected it.
If I were not positive and polite, I could easily think that things are different.
Lets imagine what would happen in daily life, where someone might react quite different.
If someone in daily life spits in your face, unless he is holding a gun or is a criminal, you jump back to engage!
Do you thing Yay is telling something in my face I still choose not to accept?

May 01 2021 was Easter Sunday for the Orthodox believers in Greece. I took the time of recording a video and this is the first time I am uploading such a link here.
It already has some views so please do not rush to blame me for seeking clicks! This year faithful wearing face masks gathered outside churches to attend the Divine Liturgy Service.
In such cases you have to uplod fast, both for YouTube and stock.
For the time-lapse parts I used a GoPro Hero 8 in AUTO night lapse mode (and only manual Kelvin) as I did not have the time to experiment with shutter and long times.
I se it up at a light stand and it stayed there as it was not windy.
For the main video I used my Sony A 6400 on a tripod (stabilise off) with a 18-135 lens at f5.6 (brightest after zoom). The ISO is 12.800 and above. I used the Cine4 profile. The HLG creates (for me at least) many problems at night shots, with artifacts and bad compression that cannot be saved. Due to the fast upload rush, I did zero corrections or denoise but uploaded at a high bitrate. (you can see by clicking stats for nerds!) I think that for such a night scenery, despite the crazy high ISO, noise is ok and when I will denoise for stock with neat video it will pass quality control. Naturally if it sells for $3 or more is another question!

For the past 25 years, I have been working as a professional video-editor within the Greek Broadcasting TV industry. More recently, I have made the transition to also submitting stock footage and in this interview I'm proud to share my experiences. I hope you'll find the information useful. If you have any questions, please let me know ans i'll try my best to answer them!

Theocharis Charitonidis

For several hours when I go to my uploads and hit edit, the new page opens but when I try to save changes the page crashes to my artist logo and background banner and nothing is saved. I have tried on windows 7 and 10 with firefox and chrome with different IP at work and home. Am I the only one to have the problem?

Just received an email from Videoblocks stating the addition of a new, editorial feature.
Prior to that, today when uploading, I have already seen a new tick space with the editorial category next to it, for us to choose it or not.
They also mention that in the future, we could (doesn't for now say should) do that to already published material.
One of the question that rises is if this material will be reviewed faster or not.

General Stock Discussion / iStock password reset request
« on: October 26, 2016, 16:17 »
Just received this. If it's real, waiting to see system changes.

"Thanks for using iStock. Due to system changes, we need you to change the password for your user account.

To change your password, simply click the Forgot your password? link on our Sign In page.

Next, enter your Member Name or the email address associated with your account and well email you a link that will let you create a new password.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Thank you for your understanding."

Being just a couple of months new to micro stock , with 100 250 clips and photos up, depending on the site, I have some small sales that have profited me with about 160$ for now.
I currently use a Canon G7X but decided to go with the Sony A6300, mostly for 4K.
Although widely covered, I mostly do travel work and need a small and light camera.
Being a video editor in the most popular Greek TV station, I come around various equipment, from broadcast recordings to cameras like a C200 and know the details of post production.
Reviews suggest that the kit lens (16-50mm) of a Sony A6300 blurs in the wide setting and only sharpens in the middle, when closing f stops to the right.
I need a lens with a smooth power zoom slider.
Should I go for a Sony E PZ 18-105mm f/4 G OSS or a Sigma or Tamron, always at a price of no more than 600$?
Finally, is this wide setting blur, visible in photos, also visible on video? If you have a wide lens but need to zoom in to avoid blurriness you are already limited by your camera.

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