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Print on Demand Forum / Do Likes on FAA help sales?
« on: November 13, 2016, 10:17 »
Dear all,

As many of us, looking into ways to sell art as prints. I am wondering, do Likes on FAA mean anything? Do they promote a particular design, is there better visibility on the site if a product has more likes?

My little page is here, I think Free limit is 25, so uploading today... If you don't mind -  have a look and if you like something, don't hesitate to Like.

Kind regards,

OMG, I have just failed the exam on depositphotos. Because my "images are not suitable for commercial use". These are the same images that successfully sell on SS, IS, FT and other big sites. Please see the screenshot attached - how is it that these images are "not suitable for commercial use"?
Can't stop laughing... it's for best, I assume. Too busy with other sellers to be bothered to upload anything again.

Nice weekend everyone.

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