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Alamy.com / Alamy's Version of Disambiguation
« on: September 23, 2007, 17:23 »
Alamy has been introducing a lot of interesting and controversial concepts over the past week.  It started with the "Novel Use" scheme (which I akin to trying to compete with Getty's PhotoDisc collection) and today, when I logged in, I noticed changes in the "manage files" area.  Looks like we have to prioritize some keywords, add where images were taken, and the date (or just year) the image was taken.  Looks like you can also distinguish between a photograph and an illustration as well as mark images as being digitally altered.

I presume more changes to come!

General Stock Discussion / Getting Access and Trading Images
« on: June 28, 2007, 11:28 »
Just had an interesting experience with relation to trying to get media credentials as a freelance photographer and I thought I would share.

There is an event at a ski resort the weekend of July 5 relating to extreme mountain biking.  I contacted the resort to get information about shooting the event.  On their website, they have posted the required paperwork and qualifications.  I contacted the person at the resort completed the paperwork and was working on submitting it.

Today (two days later), I got another email from the resort.  They are asking for a release that outlines a TFCD agreement that allows them to use my images on a royalty free basis.  I figure no worries trade a CD of images for access.  Then I kept reading their release and came upon this clause

Photographer understands and agrees that the Images may be displayed on the internet websites for XXXXX and its affiliated entities.  Photographer realizes, acknowledges and agrees that visitors to the XXXXX and its affiliated entities websites may be able to download the Images and that they may use them for their own purposes or amusement and that XXXXX and its affiliates entities cannot and will not control and will not be responsible or liable for such downloading and reuse by any third party.

So in exchange for access, they want me to allow anyone to download and use my images in any fashion they want from their web site even though I am trying to sell them through an agent?  I wrote back and indicated if they removed the clause I wouldnt have a problem, but I was unwilling to sign the document as is.

What would you have done?

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