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I don't want to start another discussion about the pitiful royalty rates because despite everything January still saw good earnings consistent with previous months but these 'Premium Access' sales are annoying and confusing me.

Like the one with 'extended' rights that earned only $0.15 compared to the 'basic' and 'standard' ones that generally earned two or three times that.

Then I have another that says the usage is 'Editorial rights only for text books interior and cover', something that would probably warrant and EL anywhere else yet also paid only $0.15 and just to be confusing says it has a date limitation up to December this year which implies... that they're going to destroy all the printed books at the end of the year?

I see one television broadcast licensed until November that earned $0.09 but then a couple licensed until only the end of February that earned almost $3 each. At any rate still far lower than you would expect and less than other sites would give you for such usage.

Premium access sales made up a grand total of 14% of January's earnings compared to the old $20, $40 and one time $60 sales that I used to see for what I assumed were extended licenses.

Is there any way to opt out of these ridiculous sale types?

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