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General Stock Discussion / Copy space keyword, useful or not?
« on: November 23, 2017, 03:30 »
How do you think the keyword Copy space affects the sale of images? A while ago almost every stock image that contain space for text had the keyword copy space. Even though it was just a tiny area with room for text etc.....Even images with absolutely no room for text had it.
I wonder....Is it useful to submit images with copy space keyword or can you just leave it out and add more descriptive keywords?
What do you guys think of this? Does this have any effect on sales?

2 / Rejection due to wrong editorial caption
« on: October 30, 2017, 11:50 »
Is there anyone else who noticed a changed review of editorial images? I never used to get rejections with my editorial images. Now all most every image is rejected due to wrong editorial caption. It always say that the caption must be a accurate description of whats going on in the image and must answer the usual questions Who, What, Were, When, Way and (How).
I keep trying to correct the images and upload them again. I DO describe the scene in the image but often get them in return once more........frustrating.

How do you write the caption to your editorial images? Long detailed caption? Or do you keep it very short? What about the title?

Annoying  >:( :( :-\

I'm considering going exclusive on Istock but I'm still not sure if it's worth it. Anyone who has become an exclusive contributor and can shed some light on this.
Does your earnings increase in a way that it's worth it??
I submit images to Istock, Shutterstock, Fotolia, Bigstock, 123RF and Dreamstime. Decent earnings from IS, SS and FT. I'm curious if it's possible to make more money on Istock alone then all of them together? Would be nice to have only one agency to upload to, but I hesitate because I can't see how Istock alone can generate more income than all of them together.

Any thoughts and experiences???

Pelle.........feeling uncertain

Hi and nice to be in the Forum.
Anyone who has tried to create keywords in native language when submitting images? I have not tried since I doubt that there will be an accurate translation.....just look at the results from Google translate in general, thy are quite bad. Im from Sweden and there are options on several micro stock agencies to use Swedish as keyword language.

Anyone using a language other than English?
What do you think? Does it generate accurate and equivalent keywords in English? Must be important if you want to reach out to customers who are English speaking.......


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