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Hi all,

A shower thought: the recent decrease of contributors' royalties on Shutterstock was partly possible from SS's point of view because they know that many contributors cannot delete their portfolio there, SS's earnings being a large percentage of their monthly earnings.

Why this happened?

As a contributor, I was uploading my content mostly to the top tier agencies, thinking that uploading to middle tier agencies was a waste of time.

Actually I was wrong: by doing so, I was putting all the power to 3-4 agencies, because they were the only ones to get fresh content, hence being able to attract more customers and then more contributors.

This empowering wheel (uploading to top tier agencies > top tier agencies getting more customers > top tier agencies selling more > top tier agencies attracting even more contributors compared to middle-tier agencies) made a few agencies have the power to decide what the contributors should earn.

Of course, it's not the only factor contributing to an agency's success (their commercial team, quality of search engine, distribution network and agreements, ...) are also very important.

If I upload to more middle-tier agencies, I give the chance to more market share, and thus less power in the arms of a single agency...

Sounds basic and logical, but it's only recently that I'm really aware of it.

Hi all,
I've recently noticed that my videos look darker on microstock websites (at least on Shutterstock and Adobe) than on my computer.

I mean, if I put side by side on my screen, the video on the microstock website, and my local file preview on the computer, I can notice a slight difference in brightness between the two.

It's an issue, because I expose the video correctly on my computer, and then it looks underexposed on the microstock websites.

I have no clue what is causing that. I would not be surprised if it's a color space thing (like uploading a photo in Adobe RGB on microstock makes it look different because of the conversion to sRGB).

Here's my technical environment:

- Video from Canon DSLR or DJI drone (in .MOV or .MP4 - I've noticed the problem with both file formats)
Canon DSLR video settings:
- Picture style: standard
- Full HD 29.97 fps ALL-I

- Post-treatment in Premiere Pro (always up to date version)
- Computer: MacBook Pro with Display Profile: Colour LCD (default setting)
- Export settings (I don't know which ones are relevant in this case, they are basically default settings):

Format: H.264
File extension: .MP4
Basic video settings:
- Field Order: Progressive
- TV standard: NTSC
- Render at Maximum Depth: Unchecked
Encoding settings:
- Performance: Software Encoding
- Profile: Main
- Level: 4.1
- Rec. 2020 Color Primaries: Unchecked
- High Dynamic Range: Unchecked
Bitrate settings:
- Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 1 pass
- Target Bitrate: 50 Mbps (HD video)
- Maximum Bitrate: 50 Mbps
..... cannot find any color space setting. From what I read on Internet, Premiere Pro maintains the color space of the original file.

Have you experienced something similar? What can cause this?

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