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General Photography Discussion / Question about taxes, paperwork
« on: February 20, 2021, 06:08 »
Can you people share your experience in your countries on the matter please - I'm from not perfectly regulated country - they are failing to keep up with modern world economy, regulations are like centuries old.
I have problem with authorities, they are completely uneducated and uninformed about freelancing, work from home etc jobs. So when tax filing they ask for a signed contract (me and Adobe, or SS) and they ask for Paypal transactions listing.
The problem is there is no signed contract, I can only download Terms of Service, right? They don't understand that is the contract which I signed by clicking I accept.
Also, how can a printed PayPal transaction list be of any relevance? It is a piece of paper that could be altered in Photoshop before printing?! How do you declare operating costs? How is your country treating you, are you an employee?
A lot of confusion here just because my country is obviously caught by surprise now when they have to harvest taxes from people they have no idea what and how they are doing and making income.
I would really like to hear how these things are regulated in more modern countries. Maybe we will have a chance to raise a voice and maybe we will be invited for consultations by government to help implement a new future regulations.
Any help is much appreciated.

I think it is a big news, Africa studio is one of the biggest producers on SS with millions of pictures. And not only that, Africa studio is a synonym for a mass production factory from Easter Europe, the model SS relies on massively.

I finished upload of a batch, it got accepted. After some time it appeared under Uploaded files again. Since I have a lot of pictures and batches every week, I didn't even notice they are duplicates, so I submitted them again. I think some of them appeared under Uploaded files for third time, or I'm gone crazy. I wanted to clean the mess and got ready to delete duplicates, since they dilute sales of original files, but I don't know how to delete a file on Adobe. Does anybody know?

123RF / One mouse click to reach the sales stats page tip 123RF
« on: February 11, 2018, 08:10 »
There was a topic some time ago, how it is complicated to get to Earnings page, upload page etc. on 123RF
So, there is a tip that includes literally one mouse click (with some scrolling :) ).
Open the opening page and scroll all the way down to the bottom. There, on the bottom righ you'll find For Contributors column. Just click whatever you want - Upload, History, Earnings etc. That's it.
This doesn't mean I'm a fan of 123RF. Quite the contrary, the sales halved when the new software was introduced the last year, which I find very suspicious. After that the earnings continue to fall down. I don't trust them any more. I don't trust any of smaller agencies that rely on our daily habit to upload to all the agencies aveliable, or the most of them. Although we produce out content with the biggest agencies in mind, since they are the ones that bring us money and motivate us and dictate the trends what to shoot. We just continue to upload that same quality content to the small ones, too. The small agencies are doing literally nothing, just waiting for these content.
By the time they have developed a parasite mindset and behaviour, which is not good for us. They are taking away and they give nothing.

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