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First of all, I am glad to be one of their contributors, I have been with Fotolia/Adobestock since I began doing microstock, it is nice to see some of their initiatives lately and that they are trying to value their contributors more, but it is hard to overcome the flaws and problems that their unjust credit conversion system causes.

Adobestock/Fotolia calculates the royalties in credits for which the following conversion is used: 1 credit = 1 USD = 1 EUR = 0.75 GBP (= 4 PLN = 7,10 SEK = 150 JPY = 1,100 KRW).

This was established years ago and at that time it could mean that it was fair in comparison, it reflected reality, but due to different exchange rates since, it is certainly not the case now.

Your currency is determined by the domain where you have registered and you find this out only when it comes to payment, without a way to change it. (For me it was the .uk, instead of the .eu, which should be.) They say that they cannot change it due to tax reasons (?), which can be plausible, but the root of the problem lies actually in the equation an arbitrary one, which means the equation could be changed easily. How about considering the new exchange rates and establishing a new one?

Just for example here is my own case: in 2018 I earned around 3000+ credits; this would mean 3000+ EUR, but instead it meant 2250 GBP to me and after changing it back: roughly 2600 EUR. For the same sales I basically got ~400 euros less = ~14% less = basically the worth of 1-2 months of my earnings that year!  :-\  (I am already scared to imagine what will happen after a problematic Brexit and if the GBP falls even more. )
The loss would be almost the same even if the currency involved would be USD something that can apply to many others.

For the same sales and work put into it everyone should be compensated the same way, the same amount!
1 credit should be around something like = 1 EUR = 1,10 USD = 0.85 GBP to be more balanced.

I know it is in their favour to keep this the way it is, but what do you all think, is not the time for refreshing their equation?
Mat, what is the stance of Adobe on this matter? When can we expect a new equation that is FAIRER to every contributor?


A kind of strange thing has happened to me regarding "Single & other" downloads on Shutterstock and I would like to ask you if it is just me or it is happening to others as well.  :-\

I have had around 20 SOD every month until April. In March I got actually 2 different bigger SOD (40$+) sales too. But following that, in April I had 0, in May 0, and in June only 1. How could they disappear like that, from 20 to none at all? Could have been a search algorithm change? Is it a "cap"? Strange, nonetheless.

I've got this e-mail from info(at)e.gettyimages.com

Tell us your thoughts and help us do better.

Dear Contributor

To give you the best Getty Images/iStock experience possible, please take a 3-minute survey to tell us what we can do better for you.

Please use the below URL:
surveymonkey(dot)com/r/GIContr?ID=XXXXXX (I did not open yet, better be cautious!)

If you have any questions, please contact contributorsurveys(at)gettyimages.com.

We appreciate your feedback and we will be sending surveys on other parts of the experience later this year.

The Contributor Relations team
Getty Images

What do you think about this? Did someone else get this e-mail too?

123RF / From which country does 123rf pay their contributors?
« on: March 25, 2017, 09:16 »

I'm thinking about uploading my portfolio at 123rf too, but because of tax reasons I would like to know, from which country does 123rf pay their contributors?
It seems that their headquarter is in Chicago, USA, but there were some lines in the agreement that it is being regulated by the laws of Hong Kong, so I'm not sure about it.
Also: do they send an electronic receipt after the payment (like Fotolia or Istock), or not?

Thank you for the answer and help in advance! :)

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