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Hi Mat, I have a question for you - PayPal has unfavourable exchange rates and Payoneer will charge an additional 3% for withdrawals to bank account. Which means a further reduction in revenue for us.
Wasn't there a possibility that Adobe would include other withdrawal options for contributors?

I understand that this maybe means higher expenses for Adobe, but if my Adobe income is say $500 per month, then 3% means $15 loss each month + unfavorable exchange rate.
Wouldn't it be possible to give a choice of international bank transfer in $ ? Canva and MostPhotos allow bank transfers. Even for some fee, this could work out better for many contributors than via PayPal or Payoneer.

General - Top Sites / Vintage content
« on: December 04, 2021, 16:25 »
Hi all, some agencies accept vintage content, let say illustration from 18th century book. It's public domain for ages. I believe that some of you have experience with that. Do you send the standard property release for such illustrations?

3 / Shutterstock contributor blog themes
« on: July 31, 2020, 06:13 »
Looking on the Shutterstock contributor blog, they heightened the activity a lot. So on one side they are stealing money from all contributors - mostly from poorer parts of developed world, but in same time there are at least 2 posts a week about supporting of minorities of any kind. It's really very nice from them and social...self-censorship mode activated.
But I guess it costs them almost nothing and its good smoke screen.

From the business side of the thing - do you see increased demand for such topic? I'm not photographer, but in thousands of images I have few pieces that are more or less about this theme. I saw few sells over years, really nothing significant. But my style is not trendy, so it's possibly problem on my side.

Let me to be clear: I stopped to upload on SS since the announcement. I deactivated my portfolio for several weeks to support the action, but microstock is the only income of my family, so my portfolio is online for now (but it can change) without new content.

4 / Marketing Labels
« on: January 25, 2019, 06:43 »
I'm just browsing randomly through Shutterstock. I found this images with marketing labels like "Best Vector Ever""Good Vector""Best Symbol Icon" "Best Seller""Ultra Collection""Exceptional Vector" and a lot more.
Seems to be little unfair practice. Not mention that the same vector is there maybe 30 times with very subtle differences (mostly only different label). I guess this is not generally allowed, but well...

Some examples:

All images with this theme:

Illustration - General / Autotraced/Vectorized Drawings
« on: September 07, 2018, 03:44 »
If you upload autotraced/vectorized drawings, no matter if made in some bitmap/raster software or scanned, what you upload as jpg - the source (made in raster software or scan) or the raster version of autotraced image?

I mean, the autotraced version is same as vector, but original drawing is more authentic and artistic - more details, more hand made. I'm not sure, if they even accept the original version together with vector, I'm just curious.

Thanks for any answer.

When looking at images that some people sell as microstock, sometimes I don't believe that such complex stuff can pay yourself anytime. And some people have hundreds of such images in portfolio.
I understand, that everyone is doing some testing, uploading few different images and looking what happens. I also did few tests (some unused old images from various canceled projects, but overall usable as microstock), but it seams to be pretty ineffective, best of them will pay the invested work in 8 or 10 years, if nothing changes.

So what is your experience? Is worth to do 1 complex image instead of 20 simple images?

Hey, I have one question for people who remember the "good old days" of microstock .

How is that possible, that Yuri Arcurs was able to do such fortune with all other photographers around? I mean, the best of my first images (I'm not selling photos) was imitated when it had only 9 downloads on Shutterstock. So I would expect that success like this would by imitated by large amount of people almost immediately. And the market would be diluted between all of them.

I know, its different now - oversaturated market etc... but still, he was not alone there, there was some competition.

New Sites - General / Any experience with ?
« on: July 19, 2018, 07:24 »
Hi, I can't find any contributor review or discussion about . Is there anyone with any experience with this website? Thanks.

9 / Bigstock EPS size minimum problem
« on: June 19, 2017, 04:59 »
I draw very simple black and white cartoon images made in Photoshop and auto vectorized in Inkscape. I have only problem with Bigstock, because EPS under 50 KB is automatically rejected by system as error 2-2-8. Most of my cartoons is much smaller than 50 KB. I already contacted the BS support, they send it to technical department and nothing happened. I guess they will not change the system because of me.

Simplicity is part of the style, I don't want to change the style just because of some system settings. Size of many of my EPS is about 15 KB, so there is missing a lot. One of options is to group several of them together, but its a lot of additional work just for one website, and also the amount of images to sell will be reduced a lot.

I guess there are not many other artist producing such simple images, but maybe there is someone here. Do you experience same problem with some of your vectors? How do you solve this?
Thanks in advance for any reaction.

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