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Photo Critique / Portfolio critique requested, thank you :)
« on: January 04, 2019, 09:36 »
Hello, and happy new year!

Well I have been uploading to microstock sites slowly for about 9 months now and have got up to 300/400 on most of the major sites. I'm quite pleased that I can definitely see an improvement in my work from the initial batches I submitted (in fact some I am pretty embarrassed to have submitted now - but a lot were accepted so there we are!!).

I'm not making many sales, although I know most of my work is not very stock-y so this is to be expected. Time to be brave and ask for critique! Some comments would be useful to help improvement, if anyone would be so kind? I'm not expecting to make my fortune, just a bit of pocket money for camera gear really :)


Hi all,

I've got around 120 images live on Shutterstock and others now, after signing up a couple of months ago. Now I'm now seeing some flaws in the editing of my earlier efforts though; they are suffering with compression and artifacts due to my newbie-ness in using the wrong program/machine/poor display to edit.

Frankly now that I see them on a big screen (revived a 'vintage' 27" imac for the purpose) I'm embarrassed to have submitted them, and only marginally less embarrassed for Shutterstock for having accepted them.

The images started life well, however, so I'd like to edit properly and resubmit. My question is, should I leave the previous versions up there, or delete them first? Anyone else have any experience of this? I know there are certain agencies that won't accept variations on a single image so obviously for those I'd have to delete first.


Newbie Discussion / 'noise/grain' rejections
« on: June 12, 2018, 06:35 »
Hi all,

Very newbie question here! I am getting a fair number of rejections, mainly from Adobe Stock, on the basis of noise/grain. Most of the photos rejected on this basis have been accepted elsewhere, so it could be a quirk of Adobe - but my question is, is there some way to check in editing software for noise levels, beyond 'eyeballing'?

I check my shots at 100% but it's hard to cover all areas, I mainly check the focal points for sharpness and the darkest/brightest areas for noise and blown highlights( also with the histogram).

Is there a way to 'highlight' noise like there is for blown highlights, or some way of seeing it like on a graph?


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