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Shutterstock.com / SS annual plan fraud
« on: November 12, 2021, 08:52 »
I wonder if this shenanigan happens regularly or I'm the only lame ass around here.

I signed up as a client and a couple days later deleted the account. I haven't purchased anything but I entered my credit card info, as it is a requirement for registration.

It turns out, SS has been charging my card for months, without me recognizing. I only recently checked my transactions and contacted them immediately via chat support. The chat guy says that deleting (or as they put "disabling") an account doesn't mean the subscription is cancelled. It runs forever no matter you have no affiliation with them.
He claims to have cancelled my sub now but of course I won't trust his word.

I also informed my bank that this was a fraud and they said they'd try to get it refunded. What do you guys think of my chances getting it back? If the bank fails, does it make sense to hire a US based lawyer? I'm from the EU. The total amount is just about $180 and i know it sounds ridiculous for any self respecting lawyer. But it's not the money, it's about stopping this shenanigan. SS is the worst experience of my life both as a contributor and as a client.

First off, sorry if this has been discussed before. I did my search and didn't find any relevant topics.

Couple weeks ago i shot a major European cathedral from the inside. I uploaded the images to multiple agencies as editorial and had a few sales too. However i just got a notice from one of the agencies that the property filed a complaint, as taking photos on their premises for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. I took down the images immediately, at least from that port. Question: 1. Do i really need their consent if i upload the image as editorial? 2. Should i start worrying and take down those images everywhere else? There are hundreds if not thousands of photos available at all major agencies showing the same church interior, none of which is accompanied by a property release.

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