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I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread about this.

I'll start with the first one.

Maybe I'm not seeing the obvious but I can't find how to share a single image post on Twitter (not the daily automatic routine). I thought it should be an option when I "Edit" an image but I can't find it. And yes, I looked at "Screen Options" too.

I have a little problem. I wanted to "Reprocess" all images applying a new watermark.

Went to "Royalty Free Images" in my admin area (/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=image). Then I clicked on "Screen Options" to raise the number of Symbiostock images displayed to a maximum of 999. After I did that I couldn't access any images anymore. My guess is that 999 images to load puts too much load on the server. Whenever I click on "Royalty Free Images" the screen will be completely white (empty).
I can still access the admin area but not "Royalty Free Images".

Any ideas how to solve the issue? Any ideas where to find and alter it in the database?

Symbiostock - General / Image Pricing?
« on: August 16, 2013, 20:11 »
Would anybody like to discuss the pricing of image licenses?

I have seen many very good Symbiostock sites and yet I hesitate to add them to my network because I think they don't value their work enough. Why do most of you price a full size image at 300 dpi, which will obviously qualify for most print campaigns at $20 or less?
Whoever wants to do any prints will probably pay more for the printer (ink, labor, offset etc) than you charge for the most important part of the campaign. Why do you sell yourself that cheap?
I do understand the need for cheap blog sized images. Most bloggers are privateers and don't have the budget to pay double digit amounts for pictures.
But full sized print quality images?
They don't need to be priced at lowest microstock level, IMO. Print campaigns have a budget. Why make one of the most efficient parts of the campaign the cheapest one? There's no practical reason for it, IMO.

Let me hear what you guys think.

Symbiostock - Technical Support / Help me understand Wordpress
« on: August 15, 2013, 08:22 »
I need help understanding Wordpress.

I received a notification about a "trackback" today. First, I don't know what a trackback or pingback is and how somebody can trigger it.

Second, that notification pointed me to a page where the trackback was left: http://picturebreeze.com/stock/photos/image/girl-getting-carried-away-by-helium-balloons/royalty-free-content-girl-getting-carried-away-by-helium-balloons/#main#comments
Where is this page coming from? Where does that text "Royalty Free Content" come from, again?

The original image page is http://picturebreeze.com/stock/photos/image/girl-getting-carried-away-by-helium-balloons/
I have disabled comments and discussions on image pages and therefore I'm wondering how somebody can still leave that "trackback"?

Any help is appreciated.

Just thinking out loud ...
How about some kind of mentoring? I mean we have people here that know the Wordpress and Symbiostock theme pretty well - and we have NEW Symbiostockers that would appreciate any help they can get because they might be overwhelmed.
Sometimes a single mentor (possibly even with access to the Wordpress site in question) can explain and adjust things much quicker than posting/reading a lot of different opinions in the forum.

Wouldn't it be helpful if newbies could sign up at "looking for a mentor" while at the same time experienced users would like to be "available for help"?

We all have taken other people's work for granted ... why not give something back?

My suggestion would be that "mentors" simply drop a note here to be available while "newbies" can publish a need for mentoring.

I believe, but I'm not sure, that the "Similar Images" on the image page have been clear and sharp before but now they're very blurry.

This applies only to the "Symbiostock Similar Images Widget", not to the "Featured Images" or "Latest Images" widgets.

If you'd like to compare, please take a look at the thumbnails on my homepage and then compare it to the thumbs on the image page.

The image page thumbs are blurry, aren't they?

Symbiostock - Technical Support / Registration to purchase
« on: August 04, 2013, 18:22 »
Here's one issue I've noticed some time ago but it wasn't on top of my priorities.

When an unregistered visitor adds an image to the shopping cart and gets the message to log in or register for purchasing the image - the shopping cart will not save that image with the registration.

Let's say somebody surfs the website, likes an image and wants to purchase it. He puts it into the cart and then needs to register an account. After registration the image he wanted is not in the cart which means he needs to start over searching for it. He'll probably be annoyed and maybe angry to lose the results of his research.

Or am I the only one noticing this?

I'm in the process of moving my Symbiostock site from one host to another. I've already exported/imported the MySQL database and then started copying all files and folders via FTP. The FTP process has been running for the last 36 hours. It seems like I'm done with the big piece, the /symbiostock_rf/ folder.
However - now it's transmitting the /symbiostock_xml_cache/ folder while I hoped to be done by this time. I checked that folder and it contains tens of thousands files, most of them around 1KB large but some up to 30KB.
Now I'm wondering two things ...
1. Do I need to copy the content of that folder when I move to another host?
2. Regardless of the move, should we clean out that folder from time to time to keep our SYS website clean, lean and fast?

Any opinions?
I was hoping to get the move done today ...

I've used the Bing SEO checker and it gives me a "High Severity Issue" message of redundant <h1> tags on my homepage.
Obviously Bing would like to see only one <h1> headline to clearly identify the main content of the page.

Locating the <h1> tags is not hard, one is in the "Featured Images" widget, another one in the "Menu" for instance.
But my question is where does the page pull the information to place the Featured Images caption into an <h1> tag from so I can change it into an <h2 or h3> there?

Symbiostock - Hosting / Bluehost site down way too often
« on: July 24, 2013, 12:03 »
My Bluehost hosted website site has been down again for over an hour today. Had downtimes last week and the week before. Just talked to them on the phone and only heard apologies but no real solution. Said the server is ok but the network is down.
Anybody else with constant hosting issues at Bluehost?

Symbiostock - Development Area / Release status publishing?
« on: July 21, 2013, 08:09 »
With all the great new plugins/theme upgrades popping up, I'm wondering if the issue of being able to publish the release status on the image page has been addressed yet.
Or maybe there is an easy fix or workaround for it that I'm not aware of?

I think it's important to show the potential customer if there are model/property releases available or not.

Also, another nice feature would be to add coupon codes to the shopping experience.

This doesn't have anything to do with Symbiostock but since we have very tech savvy people here I hope you don't mind if I pop that question anyway.

I'd like to pull a local file folder with at least one sub folder into a web folder inside Filezilla.
However, I want Filezilla (or any other recommended client) to filter the files to be uploaded and only upload .jpg files while ignoring raw and xmp files.

Is that possible? Any suggestions?

The image archive every SYS user finds at http://yourSYSdomain.com/image/ shows a headline "Royalty Free Images on ...".

Any idea where the "Royalty Free Images on" part is coming from (where to change it)? Not all images are RF.

I've updated the SY theme to 2.5.6 this morning and can't upload any pictures since then.

The WP SY uploader gives me:

"Symbiostock Image Uploader
You browser doesn't have Flash, Silverlight, Gears, BrowserPlus or HTML5 support."

and suggests FTP upload to ... /wp-content/plupload/uploads/ but this directory doesn't even exist anymore.

Like I mentioned before, until this morning I've uploaded every day and everything worked great. Now the FTP directory is gone and I don't know where to send my files to.

My browser is Chrome, BTW.

Need help.

I did a compound keyword search on my own site and noticed that my network partner symbiostock.info listed more of my images than my own site.

So my question is, does Symbiostock.info have a better search engine than individual SY sites?
Obviously compound search terms deliver poorer results on my SY site than they do via the networking hub. Any explanation for that?

Any ideas where to set how many "Similar Images" are being shown on the image page. It's set to 12 which I find to be too many choices. I think giving the potential customer 6 possible alternatives would be plenty and might not confuse him/her too much.

1. Symbiostock -> Author Options -> Model Released? / Property Released?

Whatever changes I make there, new processed images will by default always show YES on both options, model and property release.
Is that a bug or am I doing something wrong. Or do I not understand what the MR/PR setting in the Author Options is supposed to do?

2. Theoretical question: Will ALL Author Options be applied to ALL images if I'd check "Update all existing images with new values?"
That would make this option pretty useless, if you would want to change only one or a few settings, wouldn't it?
For example, if you would want to change the pricing for all images you would automatically also change the PR/MR status, right?

Maybe I'm doing something wrong or I just miss something but how do you go from "Edit" (in the RF admin area), after clicking "Publish/Update" to the next unedited image?

It seems to me you have to click "All Images". then "Drafts" and then the next images' "Edit" again to get to next image you'd like to edit and publish.
Couldn't these three clicks not be replaced by just one (like "Publish/Update and Edit Next").
Or is my workflow off and you guys do this completely different?

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

I have trouble finding where to customize the settings (size, amount of data, font attributes etc.) of ...

- Featured Images Slider (Large) widget (size and speed)
- Tag Cloud Image Categories widget (font attributes)
- Tag Cloud Most Used Keywords widget (limiting the amount of keywords)

Support is much appreciated.

Symbiostock - Network Building / Network Directory Empty
« on: June 23, 2013, 16:44 »
O.K., it seems like I've got many features running already. One thing is still bothering me.

The image search is working pretty well. I get my images listed and the images of added network partners too.
But I don't get anything listed on the network directory page. It's still empty. What do I have to do to list the members/websites?

One more question to check if I understood this correctly. I can add network members which will show their search results on my page but that does not automatically mean that my images will show on their page. Is that right? How can I make sure that the "networking concept" goes in both directions?

O.K., I have set up WP and installed the Symbiostock theme. Looks like it's all working so far.

But since I've never worked with WP before, I sometimes feel completely lost. I hope somebody will be able to leave some pointers to my questions.

1. How do i change the text on the image page "Stock image by [MY EMAIL ADDRESS]" from my login email to my actual name? I've tried all different user/profile settings already but WP won't let me change the user name field.

2. How to substitute the standard Symbiostock user avatar on the image page to an author image?

More questions coming soon.

iStockPhoto.com / What's the average review time?
« on: May 03, 2011, 09:57 »
I can't believe not a single one of my 18 uploaded images has been reviewed so far. I started on April 27 and was allowed to upload 18 images. This is totally slowing me down.

What is your average review time at iStockPhoto? Is there anything the contributor can do about it?

Well, all of my people images have been rejected at Dreamstime and Dreamstime only.
"The model release document must be printed on paper, filled in and signed with a pen. We don't accept digitally signed model releases as they are not considered good legal documents."

I'm using the iPhone app EasyRelease for handling my releases and it has been accepted by all ms agencies so far, except Dreamstime. What a bummer. Reason enough for me to not submit anything to Dreamstime.

Thought I'd share.

I was just wondering (I'm very new to micro stock), do you find your images at the micro stock sites when searching for the title?

I just tried it and even though my images were approved last week (I believe Thursday) I can't find it when I search for the exact title. I can't even find it when I broaden the search and then browse through 50 and more images. That just happened on fotolia and shutterstock. Bigstock however finds the images immediately and lists them on top.

And since I have already sold images right after they were approved on fotolia and on shutterstock I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

I have a question that's bugging me.
Let's say I do a TFP/TFCD shoot with a model. So I'll give her the image files and she'll proudly show them on her Facebook page.
I however submit them, let's say, to Getty with exclusivity.
Does the model (or I) have to fear any legal issues?
How do you guys handle that?

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