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Found one of mine there using Google Image, have emailed Alex to see if he could persuade them to buy a subscription package instead. I don't read Arabic, perhaps if someone does, he/she can contact them


Hi All,

Has anyone has good success with editorial image sales? If you could share your thoughts on sales/download/time spent site(s) you  are seeing success with them?

thanks  :)

Adobe Stock / Fotolia - Sold Files Statistics incorrect
« on: May 25, 2010, 19:23 »
For those who are on Fotolia, has anyone noticed if the #s of downloads reflected under Statistics (SOLD FILES, PAID and Subscripttions) are being updated each time there is a download. Mine have remained the same for the last few weeks despite having many downloads since  :(

I know it is hard to check if you have a lot of dns each day, but if you could make a mental note of that number and check if it changes with the next download you have.

I have just emailed support

Off Topic / Kudos to Rio
« on: October 02, 2009, 12:19 »
I think it is awesome that a Latin American country won the bid this time around and Rio de Janeiro definitely deserves to be chosen as the 2016 host. It is exciting

Congrats to all residents/citizens of Rio and Latin America

I came across this site while searching to see if my photos are used anywhere.



I have a Smugmug account and posted a couple of my photos there. All my albums have right click protect. Two of my photos (crayon and color pencils) appeared on the site, links are provided, but the images on the page can be saved by anyone if they right click!!!!

I never sold any print downloads on Smugmug so needless to say I am furious as to how this is even possible. I just emailed Smugmug for an explanation.

Note photos from a few other Smugmug galleries are on the page as well and that is only for the tag "crayon".

Does anyone (any techie) know what Tag Central is about? and how they could "hijack" a copy of the Smugmug image?? please shed some light


I downloaded a trial version for CS2, and found it to be very unstable (I am rather disappointed with it). It would work for a few photos then an error msg would appear saying can't process due to program error. I have uninstalled and re-installed 4 times now and each time it would work once or twice and then same error msg would appear. It seems this is a major known problem from looking at postings on the web, plaguing those with plenty of RAM memory and those with the latest 2.6 version.

Does anyone have the same problem? and if yes, which version/software are you using, trial or licensed? If no, version, trial or licensed.

Thanks much in advance

Just curious how many of you do HDR and what are your sales channels?
micro? midstock? macro? if yes, could be share which sites accept them? I read BigStock takes them but do you indicate as such (HDR imagery)

I recently did some HDRs, like them, they remind of me color quality of Velvia slide film (in some ways). I don't tweak them much but just pull the three bracketed shots together - See them on my blog. (http://socalislandgirl.blogspot.com)

To me, one should indicate it is HDR imagery if it has been tone-mapped, what is your thought on that? In HDR, the line between art and photograhy does get a little blur.

Thanks in advance. JC

A footnote, to all who passionately participated in my "Mac vs PC" debate question, I ended up getting an Acer laptop with 3GB RAM 250 HD, 14.1 screen, for $500 after all that rebates - amazing- 1/5 of what I paid for my old laptop 4 yrs ago and 5x the specs

Bigstock.com / can anyone log into BigStock today?
« on: February 07, 2009, 17:51 »
I have had intermittent problems logging in th te past few days, anyone has the same problem? It is about 3pm US PST and the server seems to having problems, I am having "time out" or 404 http error messages

I just logged into 123rf and it took me a few tries to get in even though the username password are correct (each time it would refreshed to blank and prompting me to sign up) I managed to get in after a few tries typing in the same username/password. When I checked my earnings, everything on the earnings page (all the months Jan, Feb..., type of downloads, where they should be showing my downloads and earnings of the past months) are showing up zero across all rows and columns, is anyone else having the same problem?


Hey guys,

Need to hear your thoughts on whether you use Mac or PC for your photography/creative art work and why?

My current laptop, a PC, is about to give up so time for a new one. I am debating whether to go for a Mac this time around or stay with a PC. I know just a little about Mac. I use my laptop for all my work, it is my whole life really, lol, write articles, edit my photos (use Photoshop extensively, and GIMP occasionally), plan to start using illustrator. I am also learning programming.  The question is how different are the two platforms and what should I be aware of before I make the switch (especially if I need to move my files over. (word doc's) photo stuffs will be fine I imagine). I could have both but is that really necessary? What do you use/prefer as a photographer and why?

Was going to post this in the Photography equipment section, thought it might be ok here. I apologize if this question is in the wrong place.

Thanks you in advance for your advice.

In case you are interested in an article I recently wrote for AC:

How To Create A Sticky Blog - Advice and Pitfalls


It is a bit long but hopefully you find useful information and tips for your blog.


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