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Yaymicro / Cannot reach
« on: May 24, 2021, 18:08 »

i am just curious as i can't reach or fr more than a day now - even the ftp login dosn't work.
Anyone else with that problem?

Adobe Stock / Flags and similar content
« on: April 13, 2021, 09:54 »

I actually have a problem with submitting illustrations of flags to Adobe Stock...

I have done one flag illustration for each country in the world (253 different flags) and about a third of my flags have been rejected due to "similar content with other of my images". So I stopped the upload after 150 flags, as i don't want to get blocked again for similiar content.

The attached image (Sorry, it is in german) shows the rejected Iran flag as an example, which is simliar to other flags in the world but i haven't uploaded any other Iran flag.

Any ideas what i can do to get the flags accepted?

Thanks in advance

Adobe Stock / Your account has been blocked?!
« on: October 20, 2020, 05:44 »
Nice way to start the day... today in the morning i received an Email from AdobeStock telling me "Your account has been blocked"

The original Email is in german, so here is what google translate is translating:
your Adobe Stock / Fotolia account has been blocked. They upload content in a way that is inappropriate and may even be perceived as "spamming".
As a rule, providers should limit themselves to an average of three meaningful versions of a picture motif (unless the complexity of the advertising picture message requires an exception). Excerpts, mirrored images and duplicate videos / photos in different versions (for example the same image / video in black / white, color and with different color filters) are not permitted. Submitting files with only minimal differences, such as small detail changes, barely visible changes of perspective should also be avoided. Our many years of experience have shown that this manageable number of motifs promotes the commercial success of these files in the best possible way.
Adobe cannot relieve its providers of creating a selection of images as part of the moderation process. Please do not send us every single file of a shoot / shoot. Create a concise file selection and submit it for the moderation process.
We would like to ask you to take this into account in the future and to refrain from multiple uploads of similar files and to remove duplicate files from your portfolio. Please confirm that you have read this message and that you are willing to comply with these rules in the future to: [email protected]. A brief statement that you have understood the reasons responsible for blocking your account and that you will follow the rules outlined in the future is sufficient to unblock your account.
Failure to comply with these rules can result in a new block or termination of the member account. However, this is not important to us and we hope for your understanding in order to consolidate a successful, constructive cooperation.
Best regards,
Adobe Contributor Relations

I have uploaded about 20.000 images/500 videos in the last two years and didn't change anything in the way I am selecting images for uploading, so this is kind of suprising  :o
A warning before blocking would have been nice.

Of course I already sent the confirmation Email to AdobeStock, uploading less versions of a motif would lead to less work for me too, fine :-)
Lets see how long this would take now.

My account is completely blocked to that I cannot have a look, what images/videos where the reason for this "reaction of AS".
Would be great to know which images were the reason... the red mushrooms, the video clips out of my car or the femaile washing hands?!

Just wanted to let you know, maybe something changed in the way images are accepted or lead to blocked accounts - maybe we should be more careful :-)


Adobe Stock / Does AdobeStock take 8k videos?
« on: July 26, 2020, 08:57 »
Does anyone know if AdobeStock takes 8k Videos?

- I uploaded 10 Videos some days ago (9 of them 4k, 1 was 8k)
- the 9 video in 4k were at the "new" section to submit
- the 8k video is missing (I already tried uploading it again 3 times and it doesn't appear)
(The 8k video is a standard 8k h.264 with about 700mb size)

Sorry if this question has been asked before - if so, i didn't find it :)


Envato / Applying as a contributor - are they serious?!
« on: May 11, 2020, 18:04 »

i just applied to become a contributor at Envato Elements and after some time of entering data I finally reached a site telling me:

Your Application has been submitted successfully. GoodLuck!
If you are successful you should expect an email from the team - this can take up to 5 weeks
If you are unsuccessful you won't hear from us.
We appreciate your patience!

This must be a joke... are they serious? If i didn't make it, they don't even send a email?

If I make it there, i will immadiatly close down that account... unbelievable how photographers are treated these days :)


i am try to open a ticket on GettyImages in the Account Management section and it doesn't work...

When i submit the ticket it say "Ticket succesfull - you will get a confirmation email" and thats it - i didn't get a single email and the ticket does not show up in the 'my tickets' section.
(Did this for the last 5 days on two different machines)

Anyone else with such problems?!


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