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Adobe Stock / HOW to earn fair prices on FT
« on: January 20, 2009, 05:47 »
As you know, Fotolia (FT) is one of the cheapest fotosellers on the web, and their greed will not end. It is good for customers but bad for photografers.  :'(

Me, as a fotografer, annoys that FT bit the hand that feeds them.

for eg.:
you cant choose if you want subscribers (except you load up exclusive) or not, so by example it is possible that you get 0,31 credits for a XL pict placed on a cover of a Magazin. FT mentioned that they will get new customers that way but why on the back of us fotografers? This is really an unfair point of their selling strategie, besides the prices of the fotos they sell, are rather cheap at all. there is only one way to avoid this fact: you have to upload exclusiv picts, to stop subscription. By the way you are able to rise the price of you picts up because the are exclusiv.

Ill give you a small example:
My last 10 downloads at FT where 60% subscriptions (L or XL) so I lost about 1,4 credits (1,75 for a XL or 1,56 for L) per download or 8,6 credits for 10 downloads (average). Thats to much for customer relationship.

For an exclusiv file Ill get 4,16 credits (before 1,56) for a Large thats far better (+350%). ::) ::) Same for extended license: 20 credits (6.6 for me) before now 50 credits (16.6 credits for me).

So I ask you why should I give my fotos for 0,31 credits away? Think customers will understand that they should pay for a good foto.

....what do you think?

Adobe Stock / What do you think about FT Abonnement policis
« on: September 10, 2008, 10:47 »
I am really astonished as I got for a Large 0,31 Credits (normally got 1,3) because it's an abonnement download thats ridiculous. Think about to leave FT because of this - whats your opinion in that case? ???

New Sites - General /
« on: August 06, 2007, 16:48 »
Do you know really good agency, very good searchresult, very good availability, good prices for photografer and fair prices for customers. Easy up and fast download - upload via ftp. Site in german and english available.

I looked and serve a lot of microstock sites, but this small german (Hamburg) one was the best Ive seen till now, in this segment.

look at:

for me a real upstarter in the beginning

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