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I am not associated with this besides writing for their newsletter once in a while. However, some of you might be interested in voicing your position to a poll that , in the past, has always ignored micro and Midstock photographers :

"How was 2008 compared to 2007? What are industry trends in the production and sale of stock images? Selling-Stock has launched a survey ( to gather information from photographers, designers and illustrators concerning their 2008 income and cost of doing business.

Go to to review our 2007 Income Survey results. The 2008 survey asks the same questions and will provide comparative numbers enabling creators to make informed decisions about trends.

In this rapidly changing and challenging business environment, many image creators are adjusting their business strategies. Some freelance stock photographers are turning to assignments. For others a staff position, possibly even in a non-related field, is their primary source of income and the revenue earned from freelance work is only a secondary income source. Conversely, amateurs with no expectations of ever earning a living from photography are finding that selling stock can be a lucrative and rewarding supplement to their income.

Many freelance photographers sell into multiple segments of the photography industry. To understand the importance of each we ask photographers the percentage of their gross photography revenue that falls into several segments of the industry. This will help us understand the changing relationships between freelance newspaper and magazine assignment work, advertising and corporate work and pure stock sales.

Selling-Stock encourages every photographer, graphic designer and illustrator who licensed rights to images in 2008 - be it for a few hundred dollars or tens of thousands - to respond to the surveys nine simple questions. The survey will remain open until April 15, 2009. An in-depth analysis of the results will be published in Selling-Stock.
The survey is designed to gather data from individual creators, not agencies or other organizations that represent creators work. However, organizations engaged in licensing images are asked to encourage their image suppliers to participate. Image production companies that produce images specifically for licensing as stock are also asked to respond. Those interested can respond to the survey by going to: The more data we can collect, the greater the validity of the results.

All individual responses will be held in strictest confidence and no attempt will be made to identify specific individuals."

For your Information:                  

Zymmetrical and Adbynet Make Advertising On the Net A Breeze!

High Quality Stock Photos, Images, Graphics, Fonts and Videos Available From More Than 4,000 Artists Around the Globe combined with high quality, low cost campaign production and tracking open doors to net advertising to millions of worldwide small and medium companies.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada -- Zymmetrical, the worlds first social digital art marketplace, today announced an agreement to allow users of Atlanta, Georgia-based (, access to their library of digital art from more than 4,000 artists around the globe. Adbynet is an online media planning and buying firm that provides all in one advertising strategy, creative, execution and analysis services.

In making the announcement, Keith Tuomi, Founder and CEO of, said AdByNet is the perfect partner. We facilitate the offering and exchange of the raw material for a successful campaign. Into the expert hands of AdByNet's creative and analytical team, they become the weapons of success for anyone ready to take the net advertising plunge. Both companies strongly believe in leveraging technology to its fullest while keeping a strong customer service.

Mr. Tuomi said small and medium businesses invest over $126 billion in advertising each year worldwide. AdByNet offers these enterprises a compelling and results driven service to save them time and money. This agreement will save their users more than 80% of reproduction costs, and 70% off the cycle time, compared to outsourcing the work.

Frederic Bien, AdByNet Founder and CEO, said, Zymmetrical has the most balanced offering of high quality stock photos, graphics, fonts and videos at very affordable prices. Thanks to its crowd sourcing approach, our clients are always guaranteed fresh and pertinent content for the ads we create, place, and track for them.

By combining their efforts, both companies seek to lower the entry point to advertising on the Internet.
Millions of local businesses are loosing on the opportunity to drive new customers to their businesses Thanks to the budget friendly content of, and AdByNet's knowledge and partnerships in the industry, it is now possible for any business to create a laser sharp ad campaign for less than $600.

Mr. Bien said that since Zymmetrical's perfectly edited content is created by everyday people, it is quite possible that a car dealer in one part of the country might create images suitable for another dealer in some other part of the country. This agreement with Zymmetrical make visibility and exchange possible. It's the Internet at its best!

About Zymmetrical :(, is the worlds first one stop shop social marketplace. Thousands of user generated photographs, fonts, videos, and graphics can be found at a price point defined by the artists themselves. In partnership with its members, Zymmetrical has changed the rules of content licensing by building the first fair trade community-conscious platform. With a 70% commission rate, and full control on pricing, Zymmetrical provides high quality content at budget sensitive prices. Zymmetrical is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

About AdByNet : Adbynet is a media and buying agency that provides strategy, creative, execution, and analysis, in the placement of video and display Internet advertisements, and paid search solutions. Working closely with Google's AdSense network, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, online social networks, several video-sharing sites, and Yellow Pages directories, AdByNet tracks the success of client advertising campaigns with advanced mathematical techniques to optimize media buying decisions, and effectively manage client marketing budgets. For more information about how Atlanta, Georgia-based AdByNet optimizes client digital touch points in making the most of online advertising budgets, go to

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For Zymmetrical            For AdByNet
Sarah Bennet               David Andersen
[email protected]                     [email protected]

General Stock Discussion / TinEye anyone ?
« on: May 20, 2008, 13:43 »
Has anyone tried TinEye ? if not, you should, it is a great tool. More here


Paul M

4 / Zymmetrical goes social
« on: May 12, 2008, 09:38 »
After the request of some of our members, we have decided to go social and expand our reach.

Zymmetrical now has an official group on Flickr where anyone with an account can join, compare images, start or comment on a topic or just enjoy being part being part of the fastest growing community of midstock shooters.
You can see and join here : Zymmetrical group on Flickr ([email protected]/)

We have also created a page on Facebook. Linked to the main site, the Facebook page allows for anyone with an account to subscribe and receive news from within their account. You can become a fan and interact with other members of Zymmetrical who uses Facebook.  Click on the link to join the Zymmetrical Facebook page.(

We hope to see you there soon !!!

Paul M

Curious to see if anyone would use a service like this :



6 / Extended License : What am I missing ?
« on: February 25, 2008, 17:27 »
Dear All,

I looked at the forum and did an extensive search but with no success. We are constantly asked by image buyers to create an Extended License option. They would like to have the option to purchase more usage rights.

Being a real midstock marketplace, our prices are, as expected, much higher than microstock. An extended license just increases the price, but that has not turned off anyone.

As we were doing more research, I noticed that most existing site offer an option to Opt In or not into their Extended License program.

My question to the Group is : Why would a contributor decide  NOT to Opt in  the possibility to be part of the Extended License option ? and thus make more money.

What am I missing ? Who has opted out and why ?


Paul Melcher

7 / News from Zymmetrical
« on: November 28, 2007, 11:46 »

Just to inform you that we have completed our work on the submission tool which allows us to process your uploads much faster and easier than previously.  We are very honored to feature Ron Chapple  (iofoto)  as a new member.

We have also have slightly updated our home page to give a better idea of the images available. Take a look an give us your feedback.

On the buyer side, we have streamlined the user experience in order to make the purchasing process even easier. They already can easily find your images thanks to the auto-suggest feature  purchase your images in any currency with any major credit card, and soon, will have an advanced search feature that is quite impressive. But more on that later..

A lot of our traffic continues to be from referrals worldwide. A lot of our members have added the search box feature to their sites and are making extra money. 10 % on images that sell on average at $20 is a nice income...
You can also give it a go at :

We look forward to seeing your latest work and getting your feedback.


Paul M

8 / Zymmetrical increases commision to 70%
« on: October 09, 2007, 14:05 »
Here is the press release :, the first midstock digital art marketplace announces 70% royalty for all contributors.

October 9, 2007. New York, NY, For immediate release : Zymmetrical, the first and leading midstock digital art marktplace is now offering its past and present contributors an amazing 70% on their sales. Already ground breaking with the launch of its auto suggest search feature more than a year ago, Zymmetrical continues to innovate at a rapid pace. Contributors get to set there own prices on any art they submit to a marketplace visible in 8 different languages. The site itself is optimized to be the best friend of all the search engines worldwide, making it an unmistakable destination for anyone looking to purchase royalty free content.  With a wide offering of fonts, clips, graphic and photography, Zymmetrical has quickly become the number one resource center for visual professionals around the world. Its state of the art ranking system, Zyrank, paired with creative search algorithms allows anyone to quickly locate the right content for the job.  With prices fitting the budget conscious buyer while still allowing contributors to make a living, it is setting new standards in the industry. It can be found at

About Zymmetrical : Founded in 2006 by Keith Tuomi who already had found success with, it is the first ever midstock digital visual art marketplace in the world. It offers, in 8 different languages, fonts, videos, graphics and photography. Contributors set their own price for their royalty free content and buyers can choose from a wide array of worldwide offering. Continuously updated with new content , it has quickly become an invaluable destination for the budget conscious unwilling to compromise with quality. Zymmetrical is based in Vancouver and has an office in New York.

9 / New FTP Function
« on: October 01, 2007, 16:59 »
Zymmetrical, the first midstock visual art marketplace has just launched its FTP upload option.

While still out of the box, it is ready to be evaluate and used and abuse by anyone who would like to be an early adopter of its technology.

Here are a few tips:

1. We accept only JPG's, zipped up into a PC-compatible .ZIP file. Please do not upload individual photo files, it is much more efficient in one big .ZIP. Do not include other files such as model releases, thumbs.db, etc.
2. No maximum file size, and no upload limit, although we suggest you don't use more than 5 concurrent connections at once (subject to change upon smoke coming from our servers).
3. Uploaded files will remain visible (but not downloadable) in your private FTP folder until our Editors review them. Currently (soon to be fixed) the uploaded files will not show up in your Submissions list on Zymmetrical until we approve them. Once you have uploaded your Zip file into your own private upload folder, you can verify that it has arrived safely and securely. No one but yourself can see your images before they are approved on the site.

Now that this is finished, we will be announcing a bunch of very interesting marketing initiatives, not only for photographers and graphic designers, but for image buyers.

Stay tune. and as always, let us know your thoughts.


Paul Melcher

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