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General Stock Discussion / Pixvue Alternatives
« on: March 03, 2007, 16:26 »
I've been using Pixvue to add keywords and for the most part was very happy with the freeware.  Somehow I deleted my copy but when I search the web to download another I get the message that the software is no longer being maintained -- just a screen and no site. 

Is it just me  ???  Looks like I'll need to find a replacement.

2 / Promotion connection with Layers Magazine
« on: October 26, 2006, 16:29 »
After purchasing a copy of Photoshop CS2 and signing up for my "free gift" of 2 issues of Layers magazine, I got the following email.  Interesting idea.  Now how do I get my photos in the group of 60 ???  ;D 

 iStockphoto is the Internets premier royalty-free stock photography community , where designers can search and download over 1,179,000 images , starting at just $1.00 each. Our international community of photographers and administrators work tirelessly to bring over 1,000 new images each week!

Choose 30 images from 60 of the hottest shots -- free! Plus, we'll put 5 credits in your account to spend on any images in the iStockphoto libray.

Feel free to download 30 of our sample photos for free. Just click on an image to download the hi-res version

Sign up today for 5 free credits to use on iStockphoto. Just enter the member code: LAYERSMAG when you sign up.

Calling a photoshop/adobe expert...  I just installed Photoshop CS2 (was using Photoshop Elements) and two things have changed on my pc that I'd like to change back.  I assume Photoshop did this. 

1) My Pixvue (keywording software) no longer presents itself as an option when I right click a .jpg file.  I played around with Adobe Bridge to keyword but found it painful.  How do I get the menu item to come back?

2)I lost most of the details that used to be displayed when I passed my cursor over a jpg file (like f stop and shutter speed) when viewing documents in "my documents".  Any idea on how to get this back?  I know that Bridge lets you see the info in Metadata but I don't like the hastle of opening the software just to get the details.

For what it's worth, I had always heard that CS2 was much better than Elements but I'm not finding that to be true.  I know I need to play around more with it and I will learn to love it but I miss some of the ease of Elements.  In general I find I'm clicking a lot more to get to features that were either simplier or on the top menu 

I was at a book store last night (drinking coffee and reading Photography Magazines - a cheap date  ;D)

I looked through about 7 magazines and got the idea for this poll.  I'm curious to see who's paying the "big $" for ads (as many sites are promising they're spending on advertizing)

I know that print media is only one type (internet ads are another) and this is far from scientific but this might be interesting to see the results.  You can vote for all you see and add to your vote if you see another (at least I hope I set that up correctly)

Off Topic / American Frame Starting a New Line of Business
« on: May 06, 2006, 06:28 »
This isn't stock but it's an avenue to make money from your photos so I hope some find this useful.  For those of you who have both stock shots and more artisitic shots in your portfolio...

I've used American Frame for years (mats, frames, etc.) and really like their products and prices (no - I'm not on commission  ;D ).  I got an email from them announcing that artists could upload photos so folks could purchase artwork along with frames.  Seems they'll have some free number (trial is 35) portfolios and, if you want to store more, a fee-based plan.  I've copied the window from their website.  I've uploaded my 35 (simple enough) and have begun adding options for buyers.

The options process is a nose-bleed and I've provided some ideas that would make this simpler -- they promised to add some features that will make this better so I'm waiting a bit before filling out my offerings.

Don't know what the payback will be but I know these folks are a class-act.  They're at  If nothing else, you'll find a very reasonable way to frame stuff.

The Art Gallery (COMING SOON!)
Visit our Art Gallery and discover fine art reproductions of original works from hundreds of practicing artists and photographers, then let us deliver it to your door in the form of a framed, ready-to-hang fine art print.

In the last three days I've made more than usual on Dreamstime.  Looking into it I notices that some sales were marked (old).  One was marked "Instant Purchase" by a guest (that one sold for $3),  and some (all purchased after 4/24) were 2 credits.  I looked for info on a change in payout in the forums but didn't see anything. 

Can anyone solve this mystery for me?


7 / Anyone making the extra .05 cents?
« on: April 06, 2006, 21:20 »
Saw this note as the openner on a thread announcing the CD-A-Month(TM) program.

We're starting to burn/send the first CDs for the ShutterStock CD-A-MONTH(tm) program.

There were a few technical problems with our automatic CD-Burning machine (yes, it has a robotic arm). We almost have everything set and ready to go.

Give us another day before you see the extra .05s on your stats page.

Thanks for your patience.
end quote

While some poster say they're seeing the money -- I didn't notice any -- could be looking in the wrong place -- just wondering if you've seen any and where did you see it reported?


Adobe Stock / Can't Seem to Get Photos Submitted
« on: March 19, 2006, 07:51 »
I think I saw someone else's note on this topic but I couldn't locate it.  I've uploaded a few photos this weekend but the "submit" button won't activate.  I've entered the info just as always -- is there a new think I need to do?  Anyone else having this problem?  I let it go because I figued someone on the site would notice and fix it but as of about 12 hours ago -- nothing's changed.

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