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Yesterday, I got the following sale:

ID de Ficheiro: 8413425
Nome de Ficheiro:Modern House
Tamanho: EL4
O Seu Lucro: $2.64

Now, knowing that with 44% of royalties, one EL4 gives around 22$ each, I went to their online chat ( fast by the way ), and report that situation.

Today, they reply me about it:

Depositphotos is constantly searching for the new ways of image selling in order to let the contributor to earn more.
Currently we are testing the Image selling by credits to our Partners. So these sales will be shown at your account as Partner sales.
The commission to the contributors will be provided according their levels - 55-52%.
In case this testing of Partner Sales is successful, we'll integrate the functional to unable this option "Partner Sales".

In fact, in sales report I've something like that:

Now, I'm "puzzled" with such situation:

- They are testing without any warning? And will have opt-out option only after "testing"?
- Look to earnings column, I would be happy, because that partner sale gave me a bit more that a XL standard, but still wondering about "Extend License report"... Without knowing who is their partner, no one can check the prices/options to get an conclusion about royalties. At least is my conclusion.

The only thing it's certain, isn't pixmac. They still refusing accepting my files from partners, even from 123RF... ::)

This happens to someone else? 

2 / Duplicated Images
« on: July 04, 2012, 10:34 »
I don't remember if I've reported here, but I have an idea that happen with more users:

Some several weeks I got some images "stuck" on "review queue". After talk with SS support, the solution was delete them and upload again. Problem solved.

Today, while hanging over my gallery, I find several images duplicated. All images duplicated belong to the same batch that was deleted. I've already report this issue too support, but for those that had same problem with "review queue" would check for duplicated files.


3 / Alamy Image Prices
« on: June 08, 2012, 04:32 »
Can someone explain that:

Royalty-free   820 KB
648 x 432 pixels
83 KB compressed
$ 6.15

Royalty-free   820 KB
648 x 432 pixels
120 KB compressed
$ 56.10

Is an Distribution sale ( normally "novel use" appear as is ) ?

Dunno if already happen to someone else.

Some days ago I upload, via browser plugin, 34 images, and I believe that select "Editorial" on Drop down menu. After some 24 hours one of them get accepted. Others 33 was with "pending" status.

I contact CR, and they said that something happen and they got stuck on Content Editor. Solution: delete one by one, and upload again. This time I look 100 times to Editorial drop menu and was "Yes".

Now, after change some emails with CR, they say that those 33 images aren't as "Editorial"... So i'm guessing that they will be refused or will be stuck again...

General Stock Discussion / Two Questions about Editorial
« on: February 28, 2012, 11:31 »
A) There is any "common law/guideline" regarding "RF Editorial License"?

I'm asking because, there's agencies that still not accepting Editorial ( commercial decision or "legal" decision ? ), and those who accept it, have different criteria over content:

- Some accept it without any exception.
- Some refuse if image shown any brand name/plate. Yeah, I know that some agencies change their policy, but how it's possible same agency refuse many images because brand when , for example, the car only have a sequential number plate visible, without any pub over it ( which means that brand name reefers to car brand ) and accept others with.. a Ferrari?

My concerns are more about future legal issues, not regarding rejections.

B) Editorial on Alamy: Can I have same image as RF Editorial on several agencies and at same time as RM with "restricitons" to permit "Editorial Only"?

So far I've read different opinions about RF vs RM ( non-exclusive )... but still applies to Editorial content.

Thanks in advance.

6 / Editorial Information
« on: February 09, 2012, 04:42 »
I got a full batch of editorial images refused with the following reason "Please identify Team/Drive".

Images came from 2 different events:

A)- Kart race between National Auto Club members ( Some pilots participate regularly on Portuguese national, open and classic rally's ). Karts were rented for the race ( nothing professional
B)- 4x4 "adventure" with a off-road club members.

After a look on some editorial images at SS, over same subject,  I notice that no one have such identification....

Should I batch it with justification ( with a sample  over already accepted files on database ) or the main reason for refusal was the fact of being "non-official" race?


Someone can explain me why I get a different commission , each time I sold a XXL TIFF:

October 2011: I got 2.5$ for one , and 4,35$ for other ( Same size .. 4500px x 3000px )

Today, I sold one and got 3,04$ ( 5226 x 3485 px )


Then i decide too look careful for other sizes, and it appears that almost files sold i got 30%. ( 2011 )

Note: I hit more than 150 files and 10 paid downloads before 2012. I opt-in PP Program.

8 / Site Down
« on: December 15, 2011, 04:26 »
Since yesterday I can't enter ( got reirected to "Www.canstockphotonull/myaccount.php" ). Some DNS issue?

Image Sleuth / Should report or...
« on: November 21, 2011, 19:51 »
...wait for NATO do something about? ;D

Hosted on Iran.

I'm almost get a new record at Yaymicro...

General Stock Discussion / A dumb question about exif
« on: November 21, 2011, 08:08 »
I sleep few hours last night and could be the main reason to ask:

Is "original" exif removed from our images after they get into agencies database? If not, it is possible an client buy any size and publish it with original exif?

11 / Image used on Design Spotgight
« on: November 17, 2011, 07:51 »
Despite predictions / opinions about the IS, I was quite happy to see "my" f-16 being used in a Designer Spotlight Entry:

Each day i believe that worth it to be almost deaf after shooting this takeoff  ;D

Cutcaster / Review Time September/October
« on: October 17, 2011, 10:27 »
Something wrong ( or new ) on Cutcaster?

Files "stucked" on review since 9 Oct.

123RF / Earnings "Glitch"
« on: October 06, 2011, 09:33 »
On downloads page have an S ( 0,50 ) today , but on earnings page the total is -0,01.

Yaymicro / To keep or not to keep...
« on: October 01, 2011, 16:45 »
Almost a year after, with more portfolio at YAY than other agency's, including same editorial content, top sellers and who knows what... 0 is the number.

Now, soon i will analyze what types of photos I will work in bigger scale. This means that small portfolio could grow faster than 1st year.

Should I keep YAY until reach more 500 files and see results if accepted on 3th party program?

I know almost of people will say : "Is a small portfolio..."  But, even PM, that is a german agency , that I start months after YAY, with less 100 images.. have some sales!

Image Sleuth / Some opinion about image sleuth for a newbie
« on: September 20, 2011, 14:36 »

Only today I started looking for Possible use image, and in few minutes I detected more than 5 images used with agency watermark Being (That and I'm sure without an link to buy, so). Given that portfolios have around 200 ~ 300 images in various agencies, I think they are alarming numbers.

 I report to all agency's sites, like did direct contact with owner's sites. Some agency's Already That said image removal will ask for or buy.

 So my question is more Experienced Users: How Normally this end? Just image removal or get paid after all? It's better we contact site owner directly?

 One of agency's, with the big number of this unique 0 Situations is my agency's sales LOL. By email Likely something I said, "Oh, I Understand now how have so many views in some images, and none sales"

 I will give one example, because there is more images form other contributors

 (Mine is at "articolo 2," check others)

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